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Instaclustr releases support for new Google Cloud Platform regions

Instaclustr first introduced support for Google Cloud Platform in November 2016. Since that time we have seen a steady take-up by customers and the Instaclustr Managed Platform running on GCP is a well-proven solution.

In the time since our first release, Google has been very busy adding regions for GCP and we have recently updated our system and support provisioning of Apache Cassandra and Apache Kafka clusters in the following GCP regions:

  • US-Central-1 (Iowa)
  • US-West-1 (Oregon)
  • US-West-2 (Los Angeles)
  • US-East-1 (South Carolina)
  • US-East-4 (North Virginia)
  • NorthAmerica-NorthEast-1 (Montreal)
  • SouthAmerica-East-1 (Sao Paulo)
  • Europe-West-1 (Belgium)
  • Europe-West-2 (London)
  • Europe-West-3 (Frankfurt)
  • Europe-West-4 (Netherlands)
  • Europe-North-1 (Finland)
  • Asia-South-1 (Mumbai)
  • Asia-SouthEast-1 (Singapore)
  • Asia-East-1 (Taiwan)
  • Asia-NorthEast-1 (Tokyo)
  • Australia-SouthEast-1 (Sydney)

All regions are supported for both our Run In Instaclustr’s Account model (pricing inclusive of GCP charges) and Run In Your Own Account (you pay charges direct to Google. Full pricing for the Run In Instaclustr’s Account model is available via our console. For more details on the Run in Your Own Account model, please contact [email protected].