Hosted & Managed Apache Kafka as a Service

Build your application on the fastest and most scalable distributed streaming platform with Instaclustr’s Managed & Hosted Apache Kafka as a service. Available on AWS, GCP and Azure.

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Real Time Streaming – Apache Kafka®

Apache Kafka® is the leading streaming and queuing technology for large-scale, always-on applications. Instaclustr’s Hosted Managed Service for Apache Kafka® is the best way to run Kafka in the cloud, providing you a production ready and fully supported Apache Kafka cluster in minutes.

SOC 2 Certified

Instaclustr brings SOC 2 Managed & Hosted Kafka as a service, providing external audit assurance that we manage the security and availability of your cluster to industry best practices. Our SOC2 program includes security and availability considerations in our design, continually reviewing, testing, and monitoring the environment and having a suitable response capability.

Instaclustr Managed Apache Kafka

Our hosted and fully managed Apache Kafka as a service on AWS, Azure and GCP is bundled up with a host of additional features.


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Hosted & Managed Kafka as a Service

Simple Provisioning

You don't have to think about any of the tricky configuration of the cluster, we have done all the hard work so that you spin up a production ready cluster within minutes.

Monitoring Built-in

Our management console provides immediate access to the monitoring statistics you need to understand your real-time data stream

Run in your cloud provider account or ours

We support both Run In Our Account (RIOA) and Run In Your Own Account (RIYOA) for our Managed Kafka. Our managed environment Apache Kafka can be provisioned on AWS, GCP and Azure.

24x7 Support

With us by your side you get 24/7 of technical support irrespective of your location.

Experienced Team

We have a team of technical expert with experience in Apache Kafka and other open source technologies. When you work with us, you leverage experience of over 30 million node hours of distributed systems management experience.

SOC2 Certified

Instaclustr’s managed service meets the SOC 2 Standards, ensuring that your data integrity is always protected according to strict industry recognised standards.


What is Apache Kafka®?

Apache Kafka is the leading streaming and queuing technology for large-scale, always-on applications.

Kafka takes streams of messages (from applications known as producers), stores them reliably on a central cluster (called the brokers) and allows those streams to be received by applications that process the messages (applications called consumers).

Since being donated to the Apache Foundation by LinkedIn in 2011, Kafka has garnered a lot of interest and is now being broadly used including well-known tech leaders such as  Netflix, Twitter, Spotify, and Uber. Under the Apache Foundation, Kafka has grown to a strong and vibrant open community with many contributors to its development and compatibility with a broad range of complementary technologies.

Apache Kafka Technology Diagram

Apache Kafka Diagram | Instaclustr

This functionality allows Kafka to be used for several purposes in an application architecture:

  • To provide a buffering mechanism in front of a processing (ie deal with temporary incoming message rate greater than processing app can deal with)
  • A special case of this is to allow producers to publish messages with a guarantee they will be delivered even if the consumers are down when the message is published
  • To separate the details of what is consuming messages for the apps that produce them (and vice-versa), facilitating flexible, configurable architectures with many producers to many consumers.
  • Providing a framework for developing logic to perform analytics and process across streams of data (with Kafka streams)

Hosted & Managed Kafka as a Service Key Features

High Throughput and High Availability

Similar, to Cassandra, Apache Kafka, achieves high throughput and high availability using a distributed cluster of servers.

High Scalability and High Reliability

In addition to being highly scalable, Kafka is highly reliable due to the built in replications.

Zero Downtime

Apache Kafka uses load balancing and data replication to allow failure or planned maintenance of individual nodes with no downtime.

Intuitive and Flexible API

Apache Kafka has distributed technology and JVM codebase similar to Cassandra.


Apache Kafka can also integrate with external stream processing layers such as Spark Streaming.

Rich Ecosystem

It enjoys the support of Open Source community and has a rich ecosystem around it including connectors.

Where to use Apache Kafka?

Kafka allows you to build real-time streaming data pipelines. One can use Kafka to generate matrix, log aggregation, messaging, audit trail and much more. We live in a world where data and data analytics is a big deal but real time analytics is even bigger and Kafka comes in play there.

Few of Apache Kafka use cases:

  • Stream Processing
  • Website Activity Tracking
  • Log Aggregation
  • Metrics Collection and Monitoring
  • Network monitoring
  • Internet of Things
  • Advertising
  • Fraud Detection

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