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Build your application on a fast, scalable and distributed streaming platform with Instaclustr’s Managed Kafka.

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Coming soon to Instaclustr’s managed services offering is Apache Kafka: a distributed streaming platform which has built-in features of horizontal scalability and high-throughput low-latency. It is highly reliable, has high availability, and allows geographically distributing data streams and stream processing applications.

Instaclustr’s initial Managed Apache Kafka release can be provisioned on AWS, GCP and Azure.

Apache Kafka provides a single-digit latency so it is usable by real-time applications. handle high volume data streams. In a simplified version, in Kafka, a stream processor takes continual streams of data from input topics, performs processing on this input, and produces continual streams of data to output topics, thus enabling real-time processing of data streams. Kafka’s fully integrated Stream API takes care of the complex transformations.

If you are thinking of using real-time streaming for your applications, Kafka is the right technology. At Instaclustr, we are currently working with customers on our Early Access Program for Kafka provisioned on AWS.

Contact us, if you are interested to be our early access customer for our Managed Apache Kafka.

High Throughput and High Availability

Similar, to Cassandra, Apache Kafka, achieves high throughput and high availability using a distributed cluster of servers.

Zero Downtime

Apache Kafka uses load balancing and data replication to allow failure or planned maintenance of individual nodes with no downtime.

Provisioning API

Apache Kafka has distributed technology and JVM codebase similar to Cassandra. Our Kafka offering leverages the robust provisioning and deployment patterns that we already use for other technologies that we deploy and manage on multiple cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure).


Apache Kafka can also integrate with external stream processing layers such as Spark Streaming.

Monitoring Built-in

Kafka is run as a cluster on one or more servers. Our management console provides immediate access to the monitoring statistics you need to understand your real-time data stream.

SOC 2 Compliant

Instaclustr’s managed service meets the SOC 2 Standards, ensuring that your data integrity is always protected according to strict industry recognised standards.

Run in your cloud provider account or ours

We support both Run In Our Account (RIOA) or your own account, Run In Your Own Account (RIYOA) for our Managed Apache Kafka.

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