Blogs — January 2020



A Note from Instaclustr’s Canberra Office Amid the Devastating Australian Bushfires

Thursday 9th January 2020 by Peter Lilley

The destructive and frightening bushfires in South Eastern Australia have to date burned more than 15 million acres, taken the lives of civilians and first responders, and represent a huge loss for the entire country. In Canberra, where Instaclustr’s Australian office is located, the fires have—thankfully—not directly impacted the city, and forecasts remain positive. However, […]

Technical Technical — Kafka

The Power of Kafka Partitions : How to Get the Most out of Your Kafka Cluster

Monday 6th January 2020 by Paul Brebner

This blog provides an overview around the two fundamental concepts in Apache Kafka : Topics and Partitions. While developing and scaling our Anomalia Machina application we have discovered that distributed applications using Kafka and Cassandra clusters require careful tuning to achieve close to linear scalability, and critical variables included the number of Kafka topics and […]
The Power of Kafka Partitions