Deleting a Cluster

If you find that you no longer require a cluster, you may wish to delete it.This page outlines the steps needed to delete your cluster. You do need to be aware that deleting a cluster is irreversible, and can not be undone. Deleting a cluster will terminate all nodes in all data centres, thereby deleting all data contained within the cluster.

  1. To delete a cluster press on the Delete tab underneath the cluster you wish to delete.Select the button to go to the Delete Tab.
  2.  If the cluster has a dependent cluster or other resources like AWS endpoints, the Delete Cluster page would show the dependencies you must delete before deleting the cluster.
  3. Once you have removed the dependencies, refresh the page and you will see the following. In order to make sure you don’t accidentally press the button to delete the cluster, or accidentally delete the wrong cluster, you are required to type the name of the cluster into the text field before pressing the Delete Cluster button. Make absolutely certain that this is the cluster you wish to delete before pressing the button.

Delete the cluster by typing in the cluster's name into the text field, and then pressing the "Delete Cluster" button

Once a cluster is marked for deletion, it will be removed from view and all of the cluster’s resources will be deleted asynchronously in the background. It can take up to 15 minutes for the cluster to be deleted from the cloud provider (although very large clusters may take longer). If for some reason the deletion fails, Instaclustr Support will be notified, and will advise you if you are required to take any action. 

Cluster backups are not immediately deleted. They will continue to expire in accordance with your normal backup lifecycle.

For additional protection against accidental deletion, you could consider enabling Two-Factor Deletion on your cluster.

By Instaclustr Support
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