Security Access control

Selecting the security plugin when creating an Elasticsearch cluster gives richer access control as well as  TLS for both transport and rest ports. Hence when using clients including cURL, java, python or C# to use Elasticsearch REST API, you will need to specify the CA files(cluster-ca-certificate.pem, truststore.jks). The following are few API examples calls 

Create User:

The following cURL command shows you how to create a user with username my_user and password ChangeMe. Make sure to change cluster-ca-certificate.pem  to your own path for the CA file you downloaded from the connection info page.


Changing Password

The following cURL command shows you how to change a user’s password. The cluster-ca-certificate.pem is the same as the above example. 

Create Role

The following cURL command shows you how to add a new role named my_role. You can specify what index the role has access to with index_permissions.index_patterns and what action is allowed with index_permissions.allowed_actions.

Create role mapping


The following cURL command shows you how to map the role my_role we created above to the user we created in the previous example.

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