Organization Account Controls

Organizations can choose to have additional controls to prevent employees from creating individual accounts through the console for ease of management. These additional controls are provided through the option to block non-Organization Owners from creating new Instaclustr Accounts, and the ability to block e-mail domains owned by the Organization on the user signup flow.

These controls allow Organizations to prevent users in the company from creating individual accounts, which can be beneficial for several reason:

  1. When a user creates an individual account by signing up or through the “plus” icon on the left hand navigation panel after logging in, this account will not have billing details associated with it by default. Users may unintentionally provision free trial clusters under these unbilled accounts which would be automatically deleted at the end of the free trial period, and therefore any integration with such clusters would be affected as well.
  2. For Enterprise Sign Sign-On customers, centrally managing users created on Instaclustr and which accounts they have access to is often a desired goal, and preventing users from individually signing up and creating their own accounts can decrease the burden of access consolidation on the administrators of the Organization’s Identity Provider.

To view these controls, navigate to your Organization’s Admin Panel and select Account Controls from the left hand navigation menu.

On the Account Controls page, select if you want to block non-organization owners from creating additional accounts and click on the Save button to save the setting. If the option is enabled, only Organization Owners may create accounts from the Organization Admin Panel’s Create Account page.


A list of e-mail domains are also listed on this page under the Signup Prevention section. The e-mail domains will prevent users from signing up through the Instaclustr Console without an invitation. Contact Instaclustr Support if you wish to add to or change this list of e-mail domains.

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