Cluster Indices Restore

Cluster backups may be used to restore data from a point-in-time to a new cluster, via the Console or using the Provisioning API.  Data will be restored to a new cluster.

In order to restore a cluster from the console, navigate to the Backup/Restore tab of your cluster. Then click on the Restore tab at the top of the page.

Screenshot: Elasticsearch Restore

When restoring a cluster, you may choose to:

  • Restore all data or only selected indices
  • Restore to a point-in-time
    • The restore process will use the latest backup data, up to the specified point-in-time. 

Once the Restore parameters are submitted, a new cluster will be provisioned under the account with a topology matching the designated point-in-time (e.g. if 3 nodes were added to a 3-node cluster on 01/10/2017 and the restore operation was for a point-in-time of 30/09/2017, then the restored cluster will have 3 nodes).

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