List of Available OpenSearch Plugins

Plugins available with Instaclustr for OpenSearch

Instaclustr for OpenSearch includes a range of OpenSearch plugins. These plugins can be enabled at anytime through our console, API or Terraform. These are the plugins that can be enabled:

Plugin Name


Index Management

Automate recurring index management activities and reduce storage costs.


Create reports from OpenSearch Dashboards for a range of formats (csv, pdf and png)

ICU Analysis

Extend support for ICU libraries into OpenSearch.

k-Nearest Neighbors (k-NN)

Create a recommendation engine by indexing neighbors in your data points.


Observe your data, and create custom alerts that trigger under specified conditions in indexes.


Configure your communication services and manage notifications coming from OpenSearch.

Anomaly Detection

Use machine learning to understand patterns and anomalies in your data.

Asynchronous Search

Run larger search requests in the background of your main search workload.


Make queries using SQL rather than OpenSearch query-domain specific language (DSL)

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