Connecting to Spark via JDBC/ODBC Thrift Server

This page will walk you through connecting to JDBC via Thrift Server to use for querying to your Spark cluster.

Table of Contents

Setting Up Your Environment

Create and set up your Spark cluster

To start, follow the first three steps in Getting Started with Instaclustr Spark & Cassandra:

  1. Provision a cluster with Cassandra
  2. Set up a Spark Client (but changing the configuration to “AMI: Ubuntu Server 167.04 LTS (HVM), SSD Volume Type”).
  3. Configure Client Network Access

Java 8

Ensure that your Spark client machine has Java 8 installed and selected as the preferred Java version.

Install Spark 2.1.1:


Start the Thrift Server


Query using Beeline

Start beeline (included with Spark):

Once Beeline starts, connect to the Thrift Server:

Username: ubuntu
Password: <empty> (just press enter when prompted).


Now run your queries as you wish!

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