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Go to our Azure Marketplace product listing and press “Get It Now”. You will be redirected to create an Instaclustr account to link to your Azure account.

Press the Get It Now button


All cluster and add-on costs are displayed in “Instacredits” units. Consult the product listing pricing for conversion into USD.

The charges for the usage of our services will be included in your monthly Azure bill and will be the same as if you signed up with Instaclustr directly.


You can unsubscribe via Amazon Marketplace at any time. When you do, all the clusters in the account will be deleted. If you do this accidentally, please contact [email protected] immediately as you will have a very limited time before permanent data loss. 


You can only create clusters on Azure infrastructure. While Instaclustr supports all major public clouds, you can only use the Azure Marketplace for Azure infrastructure. 

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