Cadence HTTP API


Cadence HTTP API allows users to interact with the Cadence server using the HTTP protocol. You can leverage this functionality to initiate or terminate workflows from your bash scripts, monitor the status of your cluster, or execute any other operation that the Cadence RPC declaration supports. 

Cadence HTTP API is provided via port 8800 and only available from Cadence v1.2.2. 

To create a Cadence cluster with HTTP API enabled, please check out Creating a Cadence Cluster with HTTP API.


Curl command

You can run the following curl command to start a dummy workflow in the Cadence server assuming the domain sample-domain has already been created. 


The following Python script starts a dummy workflow in the sample-domain as well. 


You can also use C# to start a dummy workflow in the sample-domain. 

HTTP API Endpoints 

Following are the HTTP API endpoints currently supported in our managed Cadence service. For more information about Cadence HTTP API, please check out the Cadence HTTP API documentation.  


  • uber.cadence.admin.v1.AdminAPI::DescribeCluster


  • uber.cadence.api.v1.MetaAPI::Health


  • uber.cadence.api.v1.VisibilityAPI::CountWorkflowExecutions
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.VisibilityAPI::GetSearchAttributes
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.VisibilityAPI::ListArchivedWorkflowExecutions
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.VisibilityAPI::ListClosedWorkflowExecutions
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.VisibilityAPI::ListOpenWorkflowExecutions
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.VisibilityAPI::ListWorkflowExecutions
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.VisibilityAPI::ScanWorkflowExecutions 


  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::DescribeTaskList
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::DescribeWorkflowExecution
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::GetClusterInfo
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::GetTaskListsByDomain
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::GetWorkflowExecutionHistory
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::ListTaskListPartitions
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::QueryWorkflow
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::RefreshWorkflowTasks
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::RequestCancelWorkflowExecution
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::ResetWorkflowExecution
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::RestartWorkflowExecution
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::SignalWithStartWorkflowExecution
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::SignalWorkflowExecution
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::StartWorkflowExecution
  • uber.cadence.api.v1.WorkflowAPI::TerminateWorkflowExecution


Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions. 

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