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Maintaining security around transaction information relating to accepting, storing and processing credit card information is done alongside a set of standards called the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), it relates to protecting card data and other sensitive authentication data with processing, storage and transmission services.

See our Security page to find out more about PCI or the official PCI DSS standards page. At Instaclustr we offer clusters in compliance with PCI standards, the option for which can be selected during cluster creation.

Supported Services

Base Application:


  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Required Add-on

In order to create a PCI compliant Apache Cassandra or Apache Kafka cluster, the Private Network Cluster add-on MUST be enabled. For convenience, this add-on is automatically selected while creating a PCI complaint cluster.

PCI compliance compatibility with Optional services.

Optional servicesCompatibility
Continuous Backup

Note: Cassandra Only

Apache SparkNot Compatible
Apache ZeppelinNot Compatible
Cassandra Lucene Index

Note: Cassandra Only

Not Compatible
Kafka Schema Registry

Note: Kafka Only

Not Compatible
Kafka REST Proxy

Note: Kafka Only

Not Compatible
Kafka Connect

Note: It is an independent service which can be associated with a Kafka cluster.

Not Compatible


In order for clusters to be compliant to the PCI standards, there are several criteria that must be satisfied, outlined below are these requirements.

  • Must have PCI compliant account security settings enabled
  • Running Apache Cassandra or Apache Kafka as the primary bundle
  • Running on AWS provider
  • PCI and Private Network Cluster add-ons enabled
  • Only compatible options enabled as per the compatibility table above

For a full list of customer requirements for running a PCI managed service please see this document:

Download PCI Responsibilities Document

For any additional assistance or information on our PCI offering, please contact security@instaclustr.com.


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