Apache Kafka Schema Registry Metrics

The Kafka Schema Registry metrics contain 3 categories of metrics collected directly from the Kafka Schema Registry server. Following are the metrics available:

Global metrics

    • Active TCP connections
    • Total number of active TCP connections.
    • TCP Connections opened
    • The average rate per second of opened TCP connections.
    • TCP Connections closed
    • The average rate per second of closed TCP connections.
    • Master Slave Role

The current role of this Schema Registry instance. A value of 1 indicates this instance is the primary, 0 indicates it is a secondary.

Request Metrics

    • Incoming Requests
    • Bytes/second of incoming requests
    • Requests resulted with Error
    • The average number of requests per second that resulted in HTTP error responses
    • Average Request Latency
    • The average request latency in ms
    • Max Request Latency
    • The maximum request latency in ms
    • HTTP Request Rate
    • The average number of HTTP requests per second.
    • Average Request Size
    • The average request size in bytes
    • Maximum Request Size
    • The maximum request size in bytes

Response Metrics

    • Outgoing responses
    • Bytes/second of outgoing requests
    • Average HTTP responses
    • The average number of HTTP responses per second.
    • Average Response Size
    • The average response size in bytes
    • Maximum Response Size

The maximum response size is in bytes.

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