Modifiable Broker Settings

Instaclustr Apache Kafka clusters are configured with optimal settings for our managed service. If required, the following Kafka broker configuration items can be changed by submitting a support request.

auto.create.topics.enableEnable auto creation of topic on the serverbooleantrue
delete.topic.enableEnables delete topic. Delete topic through the admin tool will have no effect if this config is turned offbooleantrue
default.replication.factordefault replication factors for automatically created topicsint3
num.partitionsThe default number of log partitions per topicint3
log.retention.bytes * The maximum size of the log before deleting itlong-1
log.retention.hours *The number of hours to keep a log file before deleting it (in hours), tertiary to propertyint168
log.retention.minutes *The number of minutes to keep a log file before deleting it (in minutes), secondary to property. If not set, the value in log.retention.hours is usedintnull *The number of milliseconds to keep a log file before deleting it (in milliseconds), If not set, the value in log.retention.minutes is usedlongnull
group.initial.rebalance.delay.msThe amount of time the group coordinator will wait for more consumers to join a new group before performing the first rebalance. A longer delay means potentially fewer rebalances, but increases the time until processing begins.int3000 number of threads that the server uses for receiving requests from the network and sending responses to the networkint3
compression.typeSpecify the final compression type for a given topic. This configuration accepts the standard compression codecs (‘gzip’, ‘snappy’, ‘lz4’). It additionally accepts ‘uncompressed’ which is equivalent to no compression; and ‘producer’ which means retain the original compression codec set by the producer.stringproducer

* These log settings are only applicable for topics that are created via auto topic creation. These settings can be specified on a per topic basis when the topic is created explicitly.

By Instaclustr Support
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