Manage Organization Details

The Organization Details page enables you to be able to manage a number of details about the Organization, such as the Organization Name, Organization Level Support Contacts and Organization Emergency contact details. You also have the option of synchronizing the contact details of the linked accounts to be the same as the contact details of the organization. These details will be visible to all users on an account, as well as our technical support team.

To update details for the organization:

  1. Go to the Organization Admin Page by clicking the Organization on the left hand side navigation bar.

  2. Select Organization Details.
  3. Change the fields you wish to update.
    • Organization Name is required.
    • Organization Support Contacts are required.
    • Organization Emergency contacts are optional but recommended.
  4. Press Update Organization Details.
  5. In the Synchronize Details to Accounts section you will be able to see the linked accounts whose contact details are different to the contact details of the organization. You could update those accounts to have the same contact details of the organization by selecting them individually or by the Select All button and then selecting Synchronize Organization Contacts to Accounts.Select individual accounts or select all accounts to synchronize details with 

    When organization contact details are updated, a pop-up will appear which offers the possibility to apply these updated contact details to all of the organization’s accounts, or to all of the organization’s synced accounts.A popup with options to sync details to synced accounts, all accounts or no accounts by selecting a radio button and then pressing the Update Details button


For any further details or queries, please contact Instaclustr Support.

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