Managing Principal ARNs of a PrivateLink Redis Cluster


This article describes how to manage AWS Endpoint Service Principals for PrivateLink clusters using the Instaclustr Console. Amazon Resource Names (ARNs) uniquely identify AWS resources.  AWS principals, such as AWS accounts, IAM users, and IAM roles can be used to allow a connection from your endpoint to a PrivateLink cluster’s endpoint service privately. Refer to our article on PrivateLink to learn more about the details of the feature, and our support for it. Our interface for the AWS Endpoint Service Principals provides the following functions:

  • List Principal ARNs
  • Add Principal ARNs
  • Remove Principal ARNs

Manage Principal ARNs

  • Once your cluster has been provisioned, you can manage Principal ARNs through the Instaclustr Console. Navigate to the AWS PrivateLink tab of your cluster and then click on Add New Principal ARN.

  • Fill in the required information on the Add New AWS Endpoint Service Principal and click the Add Principal ARN

  • If the Principal ARN is added successfully, it will appear as a new entry in the Service Principals table. In case of failure, an appropriate error message explaining the cause of failure will be displayed.

  • To remove an existing Principal ARN, locate its row in the table and click on the Delete button in the Actions column alongside it. A dialog box will appear where you can confirm your removal of the Principal ARN. Click on Proceed to remove the Principal ARN.


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