Fetcher Manager Metrics


The Fetcher Manager metric group contains metrics regarding the stats of replica fetchers for consumers. The metrics available are:

  • Max Message fetch lag count
  • Failed partition error count
  • Min message fetch rate per minute
  • Failed fetcher thread count

Max Message fetch lag count

This metric shows the max fetched message lag count across all fetchers/topics/partitions.

Failed partition error count

This metric increments when: 

  • Partition truncation fails
  • Storage exception is encountered
  • Partition has an older epoch than current leader
  • Any other errors encountered during fetch request.

Min message fetch rate per minute

This metric shows the minimum number of messages fetched in a rolling one minute window across all fetchers/topics/partitions.

Failed fetcher thread count

This metric shows the number of failed fetcher threads. The number increments when the replica manager’s thread encounters unexpected errors and shuts down.

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