Add new user to your account

Note: Only an account OWNER can add new users. 

Adding a new or existing user

Invite the user

  1. Log in to the console as an account OWNER
  2. Navigate to Account Settings

    Screenshot showing invitation location
  3. Navigate to the “User Invitations” tab. Enter the email address for the user, and select the level of access they should have to this account and click on the “Invite” button. Checking an option to allow signing up through an SSO service option will –
    1. For existing users: Allow users who have signed up through the allowed SSO service to accept the invitation.
    2. For new users: Allow the invited email to register through allowed SSO service.

  4. You should see the pending invitation listed in “Open Invitations”. Invitations expire after 3 days, and you may not have more than 10 pending invites at any one time.

Accept the invitation and link to the main account:

  1. Your newly-invited user will receive an email like this:

    Screenshot showing invitation sent to email
  2. Click on the “Accept this invitation” button.
  3. New users: If sign up through an SSO service has been allowed on the invitation, you may sign up by clicking on the “Sign in With XXX” button. In all cases you may also manually enter your registration details and click on the “Register” button.

    Existing users: Clicking on the link should immediately show you a success message stating that your e-mail address has been linked to the account.

    Screenshot showing accepted invitation success

If you need further help please contact [email protected]

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