Redis Mirroring

Instaclustr has introduced the ability to replicate data written from one Redis cluster to another via a process we call Redis Mirroring, which is currently in a Preview release.
Redis Mirroring Preview allows writes from one Redis cluster to be replicated to another, by deploying a lightweight proxy on Redis nodes, which then replicates writes to a second, remote Redis cluster.

How to create a Redis Mirroring cluster

  1. On the console, create a Redis cluster of any size as you normally would and allow it to enter the Running state.
    1. The preview release currently only supports clusters with no authentication or client encryption. Support for these will be added in the future.
  2. Click Cluster details for this cluster, and you will be greeted with the cluster details page, along with a new option under the Add menu – Add Data Centre
  3. Clicking Add Data Centre will take you to the Add Data Centre page, where you can create a new data centre for your Redis cluster by filling in the fields necessary
    1. Make sure both data centres are similarly sized, as they will be expected to hold the same amount of data.
  4. Once complete, the second Redis data centre will begin to provision in the selected region, allow it to enter the RUNNING state.

How to use a Redis Mirroring cluster

  1. Once we have a running Redis cluster with multiple mirroring data centres, we need to configure our client applications to send Redis commands through our lightweight proxy application.
  2. In the Cluster details page, we can find the Connection Details page, which describes the various ways we may connect to our Redis cluster
  3. Scrolling down, we can find a new section titled Shotover-Proxy, which exposes a new port & DNS name that our client applications must use to send Redis commands in order for Redis Mirroring to work.
    1. Redis ClusterWe should select the Redis data centre which is closest to our client application to maximise performance.

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