OpenSearch Load Balancer

Load Balancer for an OpenSearch cluster is a Network Load Balancer that has the following functions:

  • Directing REST API clients’ requests to one of non-Dedicated Master/Cluster Manager nodes in the cluster
  • Performing regular health checks against nodes in its backend to ensure client connectivity

Setting up the OpenSearch Load Balancer:

  • The Load Balancer option can be selected at cluster creation, furthermore, it can be added or removed subsequently after the cluster has been provisioned.

Operational properties:

  • REST API connections via the Load Balancer are secured over TLS, which terminates on the target nodes in the cluster. This ensures security while direct connections to each individual node are still supported.
  • Instaclustr provides a DNS record that can be used to connect to the Load Balancer.
  • REST API clients do not need to support or be configured with sniffing when using Load Balancer.
  • The Load Balancer is configured to provide high availability, specifically by selecting proper components and resource tier in the cloud service provider.

If you would like to enable or disable Load Balancer on an existing OpenSearch cluster, please contact Instaclustr Support.


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