Migrating to Social SSO

Users have the option of signing up for a new account through one of the supported social identity providers (IdP), such as Google, Microsoft or GitHub on the login or registration pages of the Instaclustr Console. Signing up through a social IdP creates a password-less user on Instaclustr, and such users are required to continue logging in through the same IdP for future logins to the console.

Key Benefits

  • Centralization – Access to Instaclustr and login security rules on the social user account can be centrally controlled through the social IdP management platforms like Google Workspaces and Microsoft Entra ID.
  • Convenience – no need to maintain a separate password for login to Instaclustr.

Migrating an Existing User

When user migration is required:

  • The existing Instaclustr user shares either username or email properties with your social user account. This prevents creating new Instaclustr user of social SSO type.
    • Details: when a user signs in to Instaclustr via a social IdP for the first time, the user is prompted to give consent for reading user profile, so that Instaclustr can create a corresponding user record with the profile attributes, most importantly, login/username and email address (note that the consent can be revoked at any time by user).

Existing Instaclustr users may migrate to use social SSO by –

  1. Changing the existing user’s email to an aliased version. Example – Change “[email protected]” to “[email protected]” This can be done by logging into the console, clicking on your user icon on the top right → My ProfileEmail tab.
  2. Invite your original email address to your account through Account Settings from the cog menu on the top right → User Invitations and enable the option to allow signing up through the SSO IdP of choice. If you are not the account Owner, you will need to request an account Owner to create this invitation.
  3. Accept the invitation sent to your email address and click on the “Sign in with <social IdP>” button to sign up for a new user through the social IdP.
  4. Unlink your original Instaclustr user through Account Settings from the cog menu on the top right → Linked Users. If you are not the account Owner, you will need to request an account Owner to unlink your original user.
  5. If you have multiple accounts linked to your user, you will need to repeat the above steps for each account.

Once the migration has been completed, you may use the “Sign in with <social IdP>” button on the login page of the console to gain access to your accounts.

If you’d like to migrate or change the sign-in option from a Social SSO to an Instaclustr-managed user option, follow this instruction.

If you need further help please contact Instaclustr Support.

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