Creating a Redis Cluster

  1. After logging into an Instaclustr account, navigate to the Clusters Overview and click on the Create Cluster button.
  2. On the Create Cluster page, choose a name for the new Redis cluster and select Redis as the Base Application, with any addons that may be required.

  3. Under the Data Centre section, select your Infrastructure Provider, Region, Custom Name, Data Centre Network address block, Node Size and number of Master and Replica nodes to be created.  If you choose AWS as your provider you also need to select your EBS Encryption preference.  Refer to our support article on Network Address Allocation to understand how the specified network range is divided to determine the node IP addresses.

    1. A minimum of 3 Master nodes are required, however it is recommended that an equal number of Replicas are also used to prevent any data loss as High Availability is not guaranteed. The below warning is shown when the number of Replicas is less than the number of Master nodes. Note: this is a warning, and will not prevent the creation of a cluster with less Replica nodes than Master nodes.
  4. Redis clusters have a few options available
    1. Password authentication and user authorisation
      If enabled, your cluster will be secured with a username and password for added security. A default user will be created for you, and you can create additional users via the console.
    2. Firewall ingress
      Instaclustr detects the IP address of the computer used to access the Dashboard and creates a firewall rule to allow your computer to connect to the cluster. Certain web proxies may interfere with this mechanism and Instaclustr will see their IP address instead. We suggest you verify the detected address under Redis Options.
    3. Client <-> Node encryption
      If enabled, encryption will be forced for any connection to the Redis cluster using the instaclustr provided certificates.

  5. The Summary section displays a brief summary of your cluster configurations and pricing details. Click the Terms and Conditions link to open the Instaclustr Terms and Conditions and other policy documents. After going through the document, select the checkbox to accept the Terms and Conditions. Once you are happy with the cluster configuration and have accepted the terms and conditions, click the Create Cluster button to start creating the cluster.
  6. Provisioning a cluster can take some time depending on the responsiveness of the underlying cloud provider. All status messages will be displayed along with the progress of the cluster creation on the Clusters’ page.
  7. You have now finished creating your Redis cluster, congratulations! All your clusters will be listed on the Clusters Overview page. You can view details of your cluster by clicking the Cluster Details button.

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