Private Network cluster


You can create your Cassandra cluster as a Private Network cluster by selecting this add-on. This is only on AWS cloud. If you want to migrate existing clusters to a Private Network Cluster, you can contact our Support team. You can find more details on the Private Network Cluster here.

On the Create Cluster page, enter an appropriate name for your cluster and select Private Network Cluster Plugin as addons.

After your Cluster has finished provisioning, navigate to your Cluster Details page and if you go to Connection info page, the cluster will be In a private network cluster without public IP. In this cluster all internode communication within  data-layer clusters (Cassandra, Kafka etc) occurs within private network. 

Therefore, any connection to this cluster, such as from a client application, requires the client application to be in a VPC which has network connectivity to the Private Network Cluster through VPC peering or via a VPN, etc. 


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