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You can expand your cluster by adding new nodes to it. New nodes will only serve new topics or new partitions, existing partitions will not be automatically rebalanced to use the new nodes. If you require partition reassignment please submit a support request.

  1. To add nodes to your existing cluster, first log into Instaclustr console.
  2. Click Add Nodes from the Manage Cluster menu.
  3. On the Add Data Centre page choose a configuration matching your requirements.
        1. Under Applications section, select any add-ons you require.
        2. Under Data Centre section, select your Infrastructure Provider, Region, Custom Name (which is a logical name for the data centre where your Kafka Cluster will be provisioned),  Data Centre Network range, Node Size, EBS Encryption option, Replication Factor and number of nodes. Refer our support article on Network Address Allocation to understand how we divide up the specified network range to determine the node IP addresses.

          Note: Multi-region or multi-provider clusters will incur additional network charges. Please contact sales@instaclustr.com to confirm.
        3. Under Kafka Options section, select your Network and Security settings. The Summary section displays a brief summary of your datacenter configurations and pricing details. Once all the required information is filled in, click Submit Request button.

      Note: To ensure consistent stability and performance, Instaclustr support will verify the health of your cluster before provisioning an additional data centre. We aim to complete this process within one business day and will contact you once the additional data centre has been provisioned.


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