Cadence Node CPU Usage

  • CPU Usage

The CPU usage metric shows the percentage of CPU utilised on your node. The percentage shown is the percentage of total CPU available (ie the maximum possible is 100% no matter how many CPU cores are in the node).

High CPU usage is one indicator of a node reaching the limits of its processing capacity.

  • OS Load

The OS Load is the average number of processes using or waiting for the CPU on your node over a period of time.

Average OS load larger than the number of cores indicates that the CPU was temporarily overloaded and reached the limits of its processing capacity. If you are experiencing consistently high OS load and not reaching the desired throughput on your cluster, resize your cluster to nodes with more CPUs or add nodes to your cluster to increase processing capacity. 

Please contact Instaclustr Support should you have any questions regarding this metric or the processing capacity of your cluster.

By Instaclustr Support
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