Replication and Replication Slot Metrics

The Replication metrics group provides details on:

  • Current LSN
  • LSN Received
  • Which nodes are Replicas

The Replication Slot metrics group provides details on:

  • Last LSN Sent to each replica

Current LSN & Last LSN Received

Current LSN

The Log Sequence Number (LSN) indicates the insert position of transactions in the Write Ahead Log (WAL).  The Current LSN metric shows the position of the latest transaction for the cluster.

LSN Received

Shows the latest LSN received by each replica in the cluster.  Ideally, this value should closely follow the Current LSN metric.

Replica Nodes

Provides historical data on which nodes are acting as replicas.  A value of “1” indicates that a node is a replica, whereas a value of “0” indicates that the node is not in recovery mode (e.g. it may be acting as the master).

Last LSN Sent

Provides historical data on the last transaction sent by the master to a replica.  Ideally, this should closely follow the Current LSN metric.

For further details, see the official documentation.

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