Available Extensions

We’re are pleased to offer a variety of PostgreSQL extensions to enhance your database experience. Some extensions are provided by default, while others may need to be enabled. Below is a list of the extensions available by default and those that need to be enabled. For more information on how to enable an extension in your PostgreSQL cluster, see Enable or disable a PostgreSQL extension.

Default Extensions

  • Btree_gin
    Provides sample GIN operator classes that implement B-tree equivalent behavior
  • Btree_gist
    Provides GiST index operator classes that implement B-tree equivalent behavior
  • Citext
    Provides a case-insensitive character string type, citext. Essentially, it internally calls lower when comparing values
  • Cube
    Implements a data type cube for representing multidimensional cubes.
  • Dict_int
    An example of an add-on dictionary template for full-text search
  • Fuzzystrmatch
    Provides several functions to determine similarities and distance between strings
  • Hstore
    Implements the hstore data type for storing sets of key/value pairs within a single PostgreSQL value
  • Intarray
    Provides a number of useful functions and operators for manipulating null-free arrays of integers
  • Isn
    Provides data types for the following international product numbering standards: EAN13, UPC, ISBN (books), ISMN (music), and ISSN (serials)
  • Lo
    Provides support for managing Large Objects (also called LOs or BLOBs)
  • Ltree
    Implements a data type ltree for representing labels of data stored in a hierarchical tree-like structure
  • Pg_buffercache
    Provides means for examining what’s happening in the shared buffer cache in real time
  • Pgcrypto
    Provides cryptographic functions for PostgreSQL
  • Pgstattuple
    Provides various functions to obtain tuple-level statistics
  • Pg_stat_statements
    Provides a means for tracking planning and execution statistics of all SQL statements executed by a server
  • Pg_trgm
    Provides functions and operators for determining the similarity of alphanumeric text based on trigram matching, as well as index operator classes that support fast searching for similar strings
  • Seg
    Implements a data type seg for representing line segments, or floating point intervals
  • Tablefunc
    Includes various functions that return tables (that is, multiple rows)
  • Tcn
    Provides a trigger function that notifies listeners of changes to any table on which it is attached
  • Tsm_system_rows
    Provides the table sampling method SYSTEM_ROWS, which can be used in the TABLESAMPLE clause of a SELECT command
  • Tsm_system_time
    Provides the table sampling method SYSTEM_TIME, which can be used in the TABLESAMPLE clause of a SELECT command
  • Unaccent
    Text search dictionary that removes accents (diacritic signs) from lexemes.
  • Uuid-ossp
    Provides functions to generate universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) using one of several standard algorithms.

Extensions that require to be enabled

  • Pgvector
    Provides support for vector processing. It allows you to perform vectorised operations on groups of data, which can provide significant performance improvements for certain types of queries

Requesting the Addition of an Extension

To request that other extensions be bundled with Instaclustr-managed PostgreSQL clusters, please raise a support request.

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