Cluster Indices Backup

This section describes the automated Snapshot Backup service that is provided to all Instaclustr-managed clusters. The backup service transfers backed up data to cloud storage (e.g. S3 storage bucket for an AWS cluster) for retention for a period of 7 days.


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Snapshot Backup

Snapshot Backup is the default backup service. Under Snapshot Backup, the cluster nodes will perform a snapshot backup once every 24 hours. This involves creating/registering a repository to the desired cloud provider and running a snapshot operation across all indices of the cluster using the Elasticsearch REST API (PUT /_snapshot/…).  Node snapshot timing is staggered to reduce the impact of backup operations on the overall cluster performance.

Manual Backup

Instaclustr platform provides a feature to back your cluster manually from the console. Starting a backup will trigger a backup across all nodes in the cluster. 

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