Creating an Apache Kafka cluster with dedicated KRaft Controller nodes

By default, KRaft Controllers run on the same nodes as Kafka brokers. However, you have the option to have KRaft Controllers run on their own dedicated nodes. This frees up resources for the Kafka brokers and can help Kafka handle higher load. To start, tick the Use Dedicated KRaft Controller nodes box.

On the next step, you will now have the option to choose the node count and sizes for Kafka brokers and KRaft Controllers independently of each other. Both Kafka and KRaft Controller sizes must be in the same group (Developer or Production), and the number of KRaft Controllers must be either 3 or 5.

Once you have chosen the number and size of Kafka and KRaft Controller nodes, create your cluster as normal.

On the cluster’s Details tab, you will be able to identify the KRaft Controller nodes by the Dedicated KRaft role badge. The nodes without the Dedicated KRaft role badge are the Kafka brokers.

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