Connecting to Kibana

  1. Instaclustr manages the firewall permissions for the Kibana nodes. You can add one or more trusted IP addresses to the cluster firewall on the Cluster Settings page.

  2. Under Firewall Rules section, enter the IP address you wish to trust to the Kibana Allowed Addresses. Click the Save Cluster Settings button when you are finished.

  3. Go to the connection info page.
  4. Scroll down to get Kibana Url.
  5. Kibana url will take you to the Kibana console. Depending on whether your cluster is a private network cluster or not, a Kibana tab will appear on the dashboard which will take you to the Kibana console.
  6. If you have not enabled security plugins while creating your cluster, you will find Kibana default credentials on the connection info page.
  7. For clusters with security plugins enabled, use the icelasticsearch default credentials to log into Kibana. From the Kibana dashboard role management, you can create a user and its role.

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