Bundled Use Only Cluster Deployments

When you create an Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka or OpenSearch cluster purely for use as a dependency for Cadence or Schema Registry (Kafka only), you can select the “Bundled Use Only” option. For on-demand customers, Bundled Use Only clusters can be deployed at a 25% cost discount if run in Instaclustr’s account, and a 50% Management Unit discount if run in your own account. For contract customers, any discount associated with Bundled Use Only will be specified in your contract. These clusters may then be used to support, for example, an Instaclustr Cadence cluster as a ‘bundled’ deployment; however, Bundled Use Only clusters may not be used for use cases other than this. That is, you may not connect your application directly to a Bundled Use Only cluster or create custom tables/topics/indexes.

If you would like to provision a cluster as a Bundled Use Only deployment, you simply need to select the appropriate checkbox that will be displayed in the ‘Options’ stage of our console cluster creation wizard, for any of our relevant offerings.

If you would like to enable this feature post-provisioning for a cluster you are using in a ‘Bundled Use Only’ fashion, or disable it in order to leverage your cluster for other use cases, please contact Instaclustr Support.

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