Connecting to Instaclustr managed Clusters

If your Kafka Connect connectors require access to a cluster within your account, you can use the Connected Clusters view to configure required firewalls and truststores for connectivity. 

  1. To reach the Connected Clusters view click on the Kafka Connect drop down in the kafka connect cluster details view and select the Connected Clusters option.
  2. In the Connected Clusters view select the cluster you wish to connect to and click on the Add button. To save the changes please click on the Save Changes button.
  3. When the required firewall and truststore configuration is successfully completed you will see the Status reach running for the newly added entry.
    The Kafka Connect node IPs added to the trusted cluster firewall rules are public if both clusters are not private network clusters.
    However if private IP usage is intended in this case via vpc peering please remember to add the rules manually.

  4. If the connected cluster has client encryption enabled, to configure your connector please use the truststore path and the password exposed in the same view.
    As an example when configuring the cassandra connector add the following lines into its config with the details from the connected clusters view.

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