Release Log

Table of Contents

April 2024

16th April
  • Optimised configuration for the Cassandra Debezium Connector Add On
15th April
  • On premises provisioning capability with NetApp StorageGRID backup support is provided for OpenSearch.
  • Release Debian 11.9 OS Image for Fleet Nodes
  • Updated Kafka cluster confirmation page to show correct price for dedicated KRaft controller nodes.
11th April
  • Released Redis version 7.2.4.
  • Updated availability zone validation of target node size for AWS cluster resizing requests to only consider existing datacenter racks.
10th April
  • Fixed a bug with {scope} and {targetId} in user action descriptions not being expanded.
  • Changed “custom_subject_alternate_name” field to “custom_subject_alternative_name” (SAN) for provisioning requests of Apache Kafka, Apache Zookeeper or Postgresql clusters.
  • Added support for the wildcard matcher – asterisk – as the first label in a Subject Alternative Name and validation for Subject Alternative Name inputs.
9th April
  • Added initial version of user actions search capability for reviewing changes made to your linked account and organisation resources over the prior 12 months.

8th April
  • Topic details response for Kafka clusters will now only show the properties that are not set to defaults.

4th April
  • Managed Zookeeper Releases 3.7.2 and 3.8.4
  • Added a workaround for a race condition that may occur when modifying Kafka metadata objects.

3rd April
  • Released PostgreSQL versions 16.2, 15.6, 14.11 and 13.14 and PgBouncer version 1.22.0.

  • Show active connectors’ class in ‘Active Connectors’ page for Kafka Connect clusters in Console

March 2024

27th March
  • Released OpenSearch 2.12.0 as part of the Instaclustr managed platform.
  • Updated API database queries

26th March
  • Disabled the option to add an OpenSearch Dashboards node when both the options “Private Network Cluster” and “PCI Compliance mode” are enabled through the Console.

25th March
  • The PostgreSQL feature Multi Region Replication is now supported in Azure

21th March
  • Cassandra 4.0.11 and Cassandra 4.1.3 is now in Legacy Support and Cassandra 4.0.10 is retired.

20th March
  • Adding a instaclustr_kafka_user_v4 terraform object which removes the initial-permissions element. This then allows the ACLs to be managed separately without confusing terraform.
  • OpenSearch 1.3.15 is now available. OpenSearch 1.3.14 is deprecated and OpenSearch 1.3.9 is retired.

19th March
  • When creating a new Instaclustr account, the Username and email address should not be the same as any existing email addresses or usernames associated with Instaclustr accounts

18th March
  • Added support to enable/disable PostgreSQL extensions via API and console.
  • Added support to API and terraform to add custom Subject Alternate Names to the data centres at cluster creation for managed PostgreSQL, Apache Kafka and Apache Zookeeper.
  • Cadence 0.22.4 is now in Legacy Support.
  • Cadence 1.0.0 is now Retired.

14th March
  • Released Apache Cassandra 5.0-beta1 into Public Preview.
  • Added support for the eu-south-2 AWS region.

12th March
  • Improved robustness of Prometheus and monitoring APIs.

7th March
  • Added support to provision multiple PostgreSQL ANF clusters within the same custom virtual network.

6th March
  • Released Apache Cassandra 4.0.12 and 4.1.4 into General Availability.
    Moved Apache Cassandra 4.0.11 and 4.1.3 into Deprecated.

February 2024

26th February
  • Limited default port bindings for On-Premises clusters

20th February
  • Add console warning message for Kafka clusters on automatic removal of the default ickafka user and password
  • Update cluster metric names from “one minute rate” to “per sec, one minute rate” on console for better clarity. Metric names affected include: “Broker Topic Bytes In: One Minute Rate”, “Broker Topic Bytes Out: One Minute Rate”, “Broker Topic Messages In: One Minute Rate”, “Request Handler Idle Percent: Percent One Minute Rate”, “ISR Expand Rate: One Minute Rate”, “ISR Shrink Rate: One Minute Rate”, “Leader Election: One Minute Rate”, and “Unclean Leader Elections: One Minute Rate”.
  • Code examples for OpenSearch on the Instaclustr Console have been updated to use the load balancer URL where applicable.

19th February
  • Fixed Terraform from thinking changes are always required when only the S3 Bucket Name is used for the Kafka Connect Custom Connectors.

15th February
  • Bump Pgbackrest to 2.50 for use with the latest Postgresql versions.

13th February
  • Backup time is displayed in both local and UTC time.

12th February
  • Added support for new Shotover metrics format and updated monitoring metrics.
  • Updated Connection Info Python Examples for Cassandra Clusters.
  • Fixed terraform not applying account tags to each data centre separately.
  • Fixed terraform not applying default account tags to data centres when not specified in configuration.
  • AWS PrivateLink for Cassandra released for General Availability.

6th February
  • Removed invalid SRH-DI-DEV-n1-standard-1-30 node size from Milan, Paris and Madrid regions (GCP).
  • Fixed links on the console Sign up page.

5th February
  • Restored redis clusters now include the users that were present at the time of backup creation.
  • Support for the following regions have been added for Cassandra, OpenSearch and Kafka: Hyderabad (AWS, ap-south-2) and Dammam (GCP, me-central2)

1st February
  • Added support for Customer Initiated Resize for node sizes with local storage via the Console and API for the Cassandra Bundle. Customers can now upsize their local ssd node sizes via the Instaclustr Console.

January 2024

30th January
  • Added Azure Custom VNet support to PostgreSQL clusters.

29th January
  • PostgreSQL cluster now supports Multi Region Replication on AWS.

22nd January
  • Console now supports Microsoft Social SSO.
  • Added support for m7g.large instances in the AWS Regions SA_EAST_1 and ME_SOUTH_1 for the Apache Cassandra offering.
  • Added support for MZK-PRD-m6gd.large-75 and MZK-PRD-m6gd.xlarge-150 node sizes in the Managed Zookeeper Offering in regions EU_SOUTH_1, ME_SOUTH_1 and AP_EAST_1.

15th January
  • Released PostgreSQL versions 16.1, 15.5, 14.10 and 13.13 to general availability.

11th January
  • OpenSearch 1.3.14 is now available. OpenSearch 1.3.13 is now closed for new cluster provisioning due to CVE-2023-31419.

10th January
  • Added support for dedicated ingest load balancing with OpenSearch ingest nodes on GCP. Ingest nodes is now in General Availability.
  • Fixed an issue where an erroneous error message prevented restore operations for Postgres clusters

4th January
  • Fixed a terraform bug where kafka connect custom connectors were coming up as changed upon multiple terraform apply even though the content was unchanged.

3rd January
  • Searchable Snapshots feature can now be enabled for OpenSearch clusters.

December 2023

20th December
  • Added support for the m7g.large series in the AWS Region EU_WEST_2 (London) for the Apache Cassandra offering.

19th December
  • OpenSearch 2.11.1 is now available. OpenSearch 2.11.0 is now closed for new cluster provisioning due to CVE-2023-31419.

18th December
  • Creation of duplicate OpenSearch egress rule returns the more explicit HTTP status code 409 instead of 400.
  • Added validation for firewall rule (warning on non-PCI clusters and prevention on PCI-enabled clusters).

14th December
  • Moved Kafka topic config update endpoint to /cluster-management/v2/resources/applications/kafka/topics/v2/{kafkaTopicId} to keep API usages consistent with Terraform.

13th December
  • Added new Apache Kafka metrics: k::globalPartitionCount, k::globalTopicCount, k::lastAppliedRecordLagMs, k::lastAppliedRecordOffset, k::lastAppliedRecordTimestamp, k::newActiveControllersCount, k::timedOutBrokerHeartbeatCount, k::currentMetadataVersion. See the API documentation for more information on each metric.

12th December
  • Instaclustr for Apache Cassandra released support for AWS r7g and m7g nodes in available AWS regions.

11th December
  • Update lifecycle of apache-cassandra- to RETIRED.
    Reference: Lifecycle Policy at instaclustr
  • Disabled firewall manipulation views and added validation to firewall endpoints for OnPremises clusters.
  • Released Redis versions 6.2.14 & 7.0.14

7th December
  • Fix for regression causing resizes failing via console
  • Added support for r6g instance types in AWS Region AF_SOUTH_1
  • Added support for t4g instance types in AWS Regions AF_SOUTH_1 and ME_SOUTH_1
  • Removed Support for the regions EAST_US, WEST_US_2, NORTH_EUROPE, EAST_ASIA, CANADA_CENTRAL, EAST_US_2 and UAE_NORTH in the Legacy Azure Provider. To Provision clusters in these regions use the Azure provider with Availability Zones instead.
  • Fixed incorrect data disk size display for c5d.2xlarge-v2 node size.

6th December
  • Added new Apache ZooKeeper metric, “z::lastZxidCounter”, which records the ZooKeeper transaction ID (ZXID) counter value for Managed Apache ZooKeeper clusters.

5th December
  • Cadence PCI clusters can now be provisioned using the Packaged Solution.
  • Added support for provisioning PCI-compliant Cadence v1.2.2 clusters.
  • Added the PgVector extension to PostgreSQL.

November 2023

29th November
  • Excluding Instaclustr internal Kafka topic from mirroring in Instaclustr managed Kafka Connect Mirroring.

27th November
  • OpenSearch clusters with load balancers now support dedicated load balancing for ingest nodes on AWS and Azure.

22nd November
  • OpenSearch 2.11.0 is now available. OpenSearch 2.9.0 and 2.7.0 is now closed for new cluster provisioning due to CVE-2023-31418.

21st November
  • Updated lifecycle states of Kafka and related offerings.
  • Added support for provisioning PCI-compliant Cadence v1.0.0 clusters

14th November
  • Fixed nodeStatus metric for Cassandra clusters, required for customer-initiated resize.
  • Properly validate unsupported feature of customer initiated resize for on premises cluster data centres and prevent operation creation.

6th November
  • Debezium Connector Cassandra Released for General Availability.

2nd November
  • Added rack allocation feature to Redis nodes addition.

October 2023

31st October
  • Altered the maximum heap size allocated to Kafka & Managed Zookeeper on certain node sizes to improve application stability.
  • Added Zurich, Jakarta, Melbourne and Osaka Amazon Web Services regions to the Instaclustr Managed platform for Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, OpenSearch, Postgres, Redis, Apache Zookeeper and Kafka Connect

30th October
  • Added support for Cadence HTTP API
  • Fixed an issue affecting RIYOA customers where incorrect management units were displayed in Console for certain developer node sizes.

26th October
  • Updated the Cluster Management API for AWS Cassandra Privatelink Provisioning. The Shotover Proxy node size needs to be specified when provisioning a PrivateLink Cassandra Cluster. For more information on how to provision privatelink cluster using the Instaclustr API, refer to our documentation.
  • Fixed a broken link to Terms of Services page on Console

25th October
  • Enforced application of SSHD configs.
  • Improved robustness of Prometheus metrics API.

24th October
  • PostgreSQL 16 released to General Availability.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the provisioning API to return 500 Internal Server Error when attempting to provision a Kafka cluster with an invalid version. These requests now correctly return 400 Bad Request.

21st October
  • Fixed AWS private network cluster creation issue.

18th October
  • Added support for backing up and restoring Privatelink Cassandra Clusters
  • Updates to IDS Whitelists

17th October
  • Increased default root disk capacity

  • Add new AWS region me-central-1(UAE)

16th October
  • Retired Cadence Node Sizes CAD-PRD-m5.large-100, CAD-PRD-m5.xlarge-400 and CAD-PRD-m5.xlarge-800.

  • Updated the lifecycle states of Cadence Node Size CAD-PRD-m5.large-250 to LEGACY_SUPPORT.

12th October
  • Added rack allocation feature to Redis cluster provisioning.

  • Set a maximum replication factor of 2 for Redis cluster.
  • Retired Apache Cassandra versions 4.0.1, 4.0.4 and 4.0.9 from the Managed Platform.
  • Retired Legacy Apache Cassandra Node Sizes r4xl-2000, resizeable-small(r4-xl), r4xl-1200, resizeable-small(r4-2xl), c5.2xlarge, resizeable-small(r4-l), Standard_DS2_v2-256, Standard_DS12_v2-512, Standard_DS12_v2-1023, Standard_DS12_v2-2046, Standard_DS13_v2-2046 and D15_v2
  • Updated the lifecycle states of Apache Cassandra Node Sizes t2.small, m4xl-1600 , m4xl-800 , m4xl-400 , m4l-250, resizeable-large(r4-4xl), resizeable-large(r5-xl), resizeable-large(r5-l), resizeable-large(r4-2xl), t2.medium, resizeable-large(r4-xl), resizeable-large(r5-4xl), resizeable-large(r5-2xl), resizeable-large(r4-l), n1-standard-4-800, n1-standard-4-400, n1-standard-2, n1-standard-1 and n1-highmem-4-800 to END_OF_LIFE
  • For further information about our Lifecycle policies see

10th October
  • Released Cadence 1.2.2 into General Availability.

  • Added boost node sizes for the existing node sizes Standard_DS12_v2 and Standard_DS13_v2 for the Azure_AZ provider.

4th October
  • Added support for customer-initiated resize for GCP and Azure in our Apache Cassandra offering.

3rd October
  • Released OpenSearch 1.3.13. OpenSearch 1.3.11 is now deprecated.

September 2023

27th September
  • Released Apache ZooKeeper Version 3.8.2 as GENERAL AVAILABILITY.

  • Enforced includeSubDomains option in HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) header in Nginx server responses to enhance communication security using Nginx.

14th September
  • Fixed clusterId and date-time ISO format for Maintenance events API v2 response.

  • Dedicated Ingest node type are now in public preview for OpenSearch bundle.

13th September
  • The GET OpenSearch cluster API v2 endpoint now returns DNS based connection information.
  • Corrected the collection of max_shards_per_node metric of OpenSearch clusters when the value is overridden from the default value.

12th September
  • Added API & Terraform support for new Kafka user options.

11th September
  • Released OpenSearch 2.9.0 to general availability. OpenSearch 2.7.0 is now deprecated.

7th September
  • Added support for provisioning PCI Privatelink Cassandra Clusters
  • Released PostgreSQL versions 15.4, 14.9 and 13.12 to general availability.
  • Corrected the calculation the OpenSearch memory pressure metric on large nodes.

5th September
  • Added a link to the Network Address Allocation support documentation with Cassandra network selection during cluster creation
  • Fixed a bug that an Azure_AZ node cannot be resized beyond 4096GiB.

August 2023

31st August
  • Released a new node size “CAS-PRD-Standard_L8s_v3-1788” on the Azure_AZ provider for our Apache Cassandra offering.
  • Deprecated the node size “L8s_v2-an” for the Apache Cassandra offering.
  • Released Apache Cassandra into General Availability.
  • Moved Apache Cassandra into Deprecated.
  • Closed Apache Cassandra See for further details.

30th August
  • Added a new node size for Kafka in AWS which offers a r6g.large with 2400 GiB of storage and increased the r6g.large boost node size to provide 4500 GiB of storage

29th August
  • ‘RETIRED’ the Cadence version 0.24.0

28th August
  • Released Redis versions 6.2.13 & 7.0.12

24th August
  • Added Console Support for Horizontally Scaling Cassandra Privatelink Clusters
  • Change Azure provisioning from custom-data to user-data

23rd August
  • Console support added for Kafka users with exclusively mTLS authentication.
  • Released Apache Kafka Version 3.5.1 as GENERAL AVAILABILITY.
  • Released Apache Kafka Connect Version 3.5.1 as GENERAL AVAILABILITY.

21st August
  • Unlocked support for provisioning PCI compliant clusters on the GCP provider from the frontend “Create Cluster” console flow.
  • Fixed an error on firewall rule pages in the console when deleting a firewall rule.

17th August
  • Customer initiated node removal available for Cadence.

16th August
  • Corrected certain histogram metrics, such as Kafka LogFlushRateAndTimeMs, which gave incorrect minimum values.
  • Introduction of the property replicationFactor for provisioning Redis clusters. The number of replica nodes attached to each master will be based on this. For backward compatibility, the replicaNodes property will continue to exist. Validations have been added to make sure that future Redis clusters will provision without having unbalanced replica nodes.
  • In order to maintain quorum in a Redis cluster we require that the number of master nodes of a cluster is an odd number.

15th August
  • Karapace Rest Proxy uses Kafka user instead of Kafka Superuser when KARAPACE_REST_PROXY bundle is enabled.

14th August
  • Introduced new “Replay lag” metrics for PostgreSQL to track replay latency from leader to standby nodes.
  • Updated Connection Info Examples for Cassandra Clusters, including Cassandra Privatelink Clusters.

10th August
  • Released Apache Cassandra 4.0.11 and 4.1.3 into General Availability.
  • Moved Apache Cassandra 4.0.10 into Deprecated.

3nd August
  • Updated the lifecycle states for Kafka and Kafka Connect 3.0.2 to CLOSED, 2.7.1 to END_OF_LIFE, 2.8.2 and 3.0.0 to LEGACY_SUPPORT, Karapace 3.2.0 to END_OF_LIFE, Zookeeper 3.5.8 & 3.6.3 to END_OF_LIFE.

2nd August
  • OpenSearch 1.3.11 is now generally available
  • Redis Privatelink release for Redis 7 clusters

1st August
  • Fix expected folder permissions for log shipper
  • Added SLA tier validation for Kafka KRaft clusters
  • Updated tooltip message for Kafka add-ons

July 2023

31st July
  • Introduced new node sizes with ARM architecture for Managed Zookeeper

26th July
  • Karapace Rest Proxy uses Kafka user instead of Kafka super user.
  • Added the cluster description field to Terraform Provider v2 cluster resources.

24th July
  • Changed default configuration for the Kafka num.replica.fetchers configuration property to be one-quarter the number of cores available on the given node size.

20th July
  • Released Apache Kafka Version 3.4.1 as GENERAL AVAILABILITY
  • Released ApacheKafka Connect Version 3.4.1 as GENERAL AVAILABILITY
  • Released Apache Karapace RestProxy & SchemaRegistry Version 3.6.2 as GENERAL AVAILABILITY

19th July
  • Automatically add current IP to Karapace/Kafka Schema Registry and Rest Proxy firewall rules if checkbox is ticked at cluster creation time on Instaclustr console.

18th July
  • Cassandra, Kafka, Kafka Connect, Zookeeper, Opensearch, Opensearch Dashboards and Redis Application Logs are now viewable through the Instaclustr Console.

17th July
  • Fixed an issue with HTTP 400 Error shown on the console when viewing Firewall Rules

10th July
  • Fixed an issue with HTTP 500 error shown on the console when viewing Cluster details with Kafka AddOns enabled
  • Added the default Kafka user password to cluster details included in responses from APIv2
  • Use “kafka-python” examples in “Connection Info” for Kafka Cluster.

5th July
  • Adjusted PostgreSQL metric collection of “Table – Table & Index Size” to every 5 minutes, up from every 20 seconds.

4th July
  • Added the following metrics for the Apache Cassandra product to the console and API:
    – Connected Native Clients per node.
    – Dropped read messages per second per node (averaged over 20 seconds).
    – Dropped mutation messages per second per node (averaged over 20 seconds).
  • Selective package update of nodes

June 2023

29th June
  • Debezium CDC 2.0.1 has been release for Public Preview
  • Up to 40 hours of Exclusion Times can now be created per week
  • Fix validation and retrieval of cross-account KMS keys

28th June
  • Added support for AWS Multi Region KMS Keys

27th June
  • Updated Kafka Connection Information page in the console with the following changes
    • Listener information is displayed in a new card
    • Privatelink cluster examples use the advertised hostname instead of IP and the 9091 port
    • Examples for topic and acl management changed to use api v2 instead of api v1

26th June
  • Added Support for Customer Initiated Resize on AWS Privatelink Cassandra Clusters
  • We have added a new “account search” feature, which is found in the new ‘folder’ top menubar item, along with the old “account create” action that used to get lost in the far left account selection vertical strip. This feature allows finding an account by name, cluster-name, cluster-id and application-types. Once you’ve found an account you can navigate directly to clusters and linked users from the results.

22nd June
  • Fixed an issue with accessing the Instaclustr Console through the Heroku portal
  • Improved the layout of the Kafka setup page on Console by moving listener setup to a seperate section and using radio buttons when creating a Kafka Privatelink clusters

21st June
  • Enhanced visibility in console for Azure NetApp Files based node sizes

20th June
  • Released Multi-region Cadence for General Availability
  • Added support for the following regions in GCP
    • Central Europe (Warsaw)
    • Western Europe (Paris)
    • Southwestern Europe (Madrid)

19th June
  • m4xl-400, m4xl-800, m4xl-1600 are now retired.
  • Heroku marketplace plans ‘balanced-memory-optimised-eu’, ‘balanced-memory-optimised-us’, ‘starter-general-purpose-eu’, ‘developer-general-purpose-eu’, ‘small-memory-optimised-eu’, ‘tiny-general-purpose-us’, ‘bulk-storage-memory-optimised-us’, ‘small-memory-optimised-us’, ‘bulk-storage-memory-optimised-eu’, ‘tiny-general-purpose-eu’, ‘starter-general-purpose-us’, ‘developer-general-purpose-us’ have been upgraded to offer Cassandra 4.0.10; ‘servicesource-custom’, ‘i3enxl-frankfurt’ have been upgraded to Cassandra and ‘migrate-unii-receivers’, ‘test’, ‘starter’, ‘starter-eu’, ‘developer’, ‘developer-eu’, ‘tiny-lucene-frankfurt’, ‘bulk-lucene-frankfurt’ have been deactivated.
  • Added properties enforce.auth.enabled and enforce.auth.schemes for Managed ZooKeeper clusters.
  • Added new Redis versions 7.0.11 and 6.2.12.
  • Moved Redis versions 7.0.9 and 6.2.11 to Legacy Support due to Security related CVE’s

15th June
  • Maintenance Events and Exclusion Times are now available for all bundle types

14th June
  • Update to the code examples for connecting to a Redis cluster
  • Added egress firewall rule support for Cadence
  • Added alerts for detecting abandoned masters in Redis production SLA cluster.
  • Added alerts for detecting uneven replica distribution in Redis clusters, including both production and non-production SLA.

13th June
  • General availability of PostgreSQL version 13.11, 14.8, 15.3.
  • OpenSearch 2.7.0 is now generally available.

8th June
  • Enforce GCP backup buckets to use Uniform bucket-level access.

7th June

6th June
  • Fixed incorrect units displayed on Console for Apache Cassandra Table info Disk Used metrics.

May 2023

31st May
  • Closed Apache Spark Addon for Apache Cassandra to new customers.

30th May
  • Increased the cluster name character limit to 48 characters when creating clusters through the Instaclustr Console and API.

24th May
  • Added node sizes for Azure AZ for Redis in the US West 2 (Washington) Region.

23rd May
  • New Workflow Failed Count metric available for Cadence.

22nd May
  • Update lifecycle of apache-cassandra-, apache-cassandra-, apache-cassandra-2.1.21.twcs, apache-cassandra-, apache-cassandra-3.10 to RETIRED. Update lifecycle of apache-cassandra- to LEGACY_SUPPORT.
    Reference: Lifecycle Policy at instaclustr
  • Fixed a bug that sent duplicate emails when verifying email.
  • Changed lifecycle states for several versions in Cadence
    • The following Cadence version is now ‘GENERALLY AVAILABLE’
      • 1.0.0
    • ‘CLOSED’ the following Cadence versions
      • 0.22.4
      • 0.24.0

18th May
  • Added support for Asia-Southeast2 (Jakarta) GCP region

17th May
  • Hide the credentials of the auto generated redis user.

15th May
  • Support released to enable Client Broker authentication (mTLS) when creating an Apache Kafka Cluster
  • Added Cadence replication metrics to monitor cross-DC replication tasks in multi-region Cadence clusters.
  • Updated Apache Kafka Connect stream reactor connector for Apache Cassandra to v4.1.0

11th May
  • Fixes for AWS S3 DNS resolution in selected regions

10th May
  • Resizing a PostgreSQL node between sizes with the same compute, but different storage, will no longer restart the service unnecessarily on AWS or GCP

4th May
  • Fixed a bug for Karapace Rest Proxy where Protobuf schemas failed verification
  • Updated Apache Kafka Connect stream reactor connector for Elasticsearch to v4.1.0

3rd May
  • Added cluster lifecycle details to the cluster details page in console.

2nd May
  • Apache Cassandra and 4.0.9 are now General Available on the Instaclustr Platform.
  • Apache Cassandra and 4.0.4 are now Deprecated.

1st May
  • Launch General Availability of PostgreSQL Azure NetApp Files. Retire a number of PostgreSQL node sizes and add Azure ESv4 node sizes for PostgreSQL.
  • Added information box to provide details about encryption on Azure NetApp Files clusters.
  • Multi-region Cadence is available for Public Preview.
  • Changed lifecycle states for several versions in Kafka, Kafka Connect and managed Zookeeper
    • ‘RETIRED’ the following Kafka versions
      • 2.5.1
      • 2.6.0
      • 2.6.1
      • 2.8.1
      • 3.1.1
    •  The following Kafka versions now in ‘LEGACY_SUPPORT’
      • 2.7.1
      • 3.0.0
    • ‘CLOSED’ the following Kafka versions
      • 2.8.2
    • ‘RETIRED’ the following Kafka Connect versions.
      • 2.5.1
      • 2.6.0
      • 2.6.1
      • 2.8.1
      • 3.1.1
    • The following Kafka Connect versions are now ‘LEGACY_SUPPORT’
      • 2.7.1
      • 3.0.0
    • ‘CLOSED’ the following Kafka Connect versions
      • 2.8.2
    • The following Zookeeper versions are now LEGACY_SUPPORT
      • 3.5.7
      • 3.5.3

April 2023

27th April
  • Enhancements to PostgreSQL continuous archiving.

26th April
  • Resolved an issue preventing a data centre from being added to a cluster already running on a different provider.

24th April
  • Fixed a bug where Apache Kafka Connect clusters failed provisioning validation with “Add Permission Policy To Instance Role Later” enabled

19th April
  • Enabled Switzerland North region for Azure Availability Zone (Azure AZ) provider for Apache Cassandra, Apache Kafka, OpenSearch, Postgres and Cadence offerings.
  • Added support for restoring clusters to custom VPC through Console

13th April
  • Improved graceful shutdown of infrastructure provisioning services.
  • OpenSearch and Open Distro for Elasticsearch supported for europe-west8 region on GCP (Milan, Italy, Europe)

11th April
  • OpenSearch 1.3.9 is now generally available.

5th April
  • Load Balancer support available for private network Cadence clusters on GCP.

4th April
  • Improved behaviour of the Instaclustr Terraform Provider v2 with ordering differences on list properties.
  • Removed deprecated Service Broker API feature.

3rd April
  • Add r6g.large-1600, r6g.xlarge-3200 and other boost node sizes for Kafka in AWS.
  • Added support for N2 nodes with zonal disks for all regions for all Kafka and Kafka Connect customers.
  • Added support for N1 and N2 boost nodes with zonal disks for all regions for all Kafka customers.

March 2023

29th March
  • Disk downsize validation using current disk utilisation has been added to cluster data centre resize operations.
  • Added support for the following managed Apache Cassandra GCP nodes:
    • CAS-PRD-t2d-standard-2-80
    • CAS-PRD-t2d-standard-2-120
    • CAS-PRD-t2d-standard-2-250

28th March
  • Released Redis 6.2.11 and Redis 7.0.9
  • Extended the egress firewall feature to Production Node Sizes. All new Cassandra, Kafka, Opensearch and Redis clusters without addons will receive this feature by default.
  • Updated the SCIM 2.0 Group APIs to support the “filter” query parameter.

23rd March
  • Fixed bug where user management was unavailable for Kafka clusters
  • Released support for Kafka Connect version 3.3.1

22nd March
  • Removed the constraints on Cadence customer-initiated resize so that customers can downsize the disks and resize from/to node sizes with ephemeral disks.
  • Released new node sizes for our Apache Cassandra offering:
    • CAS-PRD-im4gn.2xlarge-3492
    • CAS-PRD-im4gn.4xlarge-6984
    • CAS-PRD-is4gen.xlarge-3492
    • CAS-PRD-is4gen.2xlarge-6984
  • General availability of PostgreSQL version 13.10, 14.7, 15.2.
  • General availability of OpenSearch 2.5.0

Please reach out to [email protected] if you wish to migrate to these new sizes.

  • Deprecated the following node sizes for our Apache Cassandra offering:
    • i3.2xlarge
    • i3.2xlarge-v2
    • i3en.xlarge
    • CAS-PRD-i3en.2xlarge-4656
    • CAS-PRD-i3.4xlarge-3538

21st March
  • Released support for Kafka in KRaft mode (only available for Kafka version 3.3.1)
  • Released support for Kafka version 3.3.1
  • Kafka – Support for Europe-west8 region on GCP (Milan, Italy, Europe) .

16th March
  • Console Monitoring pages now show metrics of replaced/deleted nodes if they have produced metrics within the queried time range.
  • Fixed behaviour of Organisation level Account Controls to allow creating accounts under an Organisation.

15th March
  • Added support for provisioning Private Network Kafka Connect clusters in AZURE_AZ. The provisioning of the clusters is only available when using a RIYOA account.

14th March
  • Released PostgreSQL node sizes backed by Azure NetApp Files storage to Public Preview.
  • Added Europe-West8 GCP region for Apache Cassandra clusters.

7th March
  • Fixed missing documentation of Apache ZooKeeper available versions and node sizes
  • Added Azure NetApp Files based node creation capability to console and API. Currently only available for PostgreSQL clusters if the preview node sizes are enabled for your account.
  • Fixed issue with OpenSearch Audit Logging

February 2023

28 February
  • AWS PrivateLink Support for Apache Cassandra® on Instaclustr by NetApp
  • Added the following Cassandra metrics: SSTables Per Read (per table) percentile metrics – cf::keyspace::table::sstablesPerReadDistribution – 95th and 99th Percentile Values Tombstones Per Read (per table) percentile metrics – cf::keyspace::table::tombstonesPerReadDistribution – 95th and 99th Percentile Values
  • Display node sizes based on lifecycle state on console
  • Introduced N2 node sizes in GCP for Opensearch in the US West 2 (California) region.
  • Retired Legacy Opensearch Node Sizes SRH-DM-D2as_v4, SRH-DM-D2s_v3, SRH-DM-D4as_v4, SRH-DM-D4s_v3, SRH-DM-D8as_v4, SRH-DM-D8s_v3, SRH-DM-D2as_v4, SRH-DM-D2as_v4, SRH-DM-D2s_v3, SRH-DM-D4as_v4, SRH-DM-D4s_v3, SRH-DM-D8as_v4, SRH-DM-D8s_v3, SRH-DM-n1-standard-1, SRH-DM-n1-standard-2, SRH-DM-n1-standard-4, SRH-DM-n1-standard-8, SRH-DM-n2-standard-2, SRH-DM-n2-standard-4 and SRH-DM-n2-standard-8.

27 February
  • Updates to the connection examples for connecting to a Redis cluster.

23 February
  • Retired few node sizes across the Instaclustr Platform.
  • Added new entry level Production Cassandra node size family – R6G-Medium.
  • Added new C6GD node size for Cassandra, deprecated the c5d.2xlarge and c5d.2xlarge-v2 node sizes.
  • General Availability release of Development Shared Infrastructure for managed Cadence clusters.

21 February
  • Kafka 2.6.0 is in LEGACY_SUPPORT.
  • Metrics graph groups on monitoring tab has been updated and improved for PostgreSQL for ease of use.

20 February
  • Console now allows selecting Developer node sizes when creating new clusters with Client Node Encryption enabled.

16 February
  • Account tags are now applied to all AWS resources created for clusters provisioned in RIYOA accounts.

14 February
  • Added the following Cassandra Metrics to the console:
    • Add 99.9 Percentile Read Latency per node and table
    • Key cache hit rate per table
  • Added the following Cassandra metrics to the monitoring API:
    • cf::<keyspace>::<table>::keyCacheHitRate
    • cf::<keyspace>::<table>::readLatencyV2
    • n::clientReadRequestV2
  • Deprecated the following Cassandra metrics:
    • cf::<keyspace>::<table>::readLatency (superseded by readLatencyV2)
    • cf::<keyspace>::<table>::readLatencyDistribution (superseded by readLatencyV2)
    • n::clientReadRequest (superseded by n::clientReadRequestV2)
  • Add two Kafka metrics “group-completed-rebalance-count” and “group-completed-rebalance-rate”.

13 February
  • Retired legacy Node Sizes across the platform
  • Added t4g node sizes for Redis and deprecated t3 node sizes in most regions.

9 February
  • Custom account tags are now correctly applied to “VPC Endpoint” resources created by Private Network AWS clusters.

7 February
  • Added support for the Console to display the standard Non-Production management unit sizes when creating RIYOA clusters.

  • Added validation of node sizes used for OpenSearch Dashboards / Kibana

6 February
  • Minor bugfixes for logging output

3 February
  • Changed lifecycle states for older Kafka versions. 2.5.1 is now ‘END_OF_LIFE’ , 2.6.1 is now ‘LEGACY_SUPPORT’, 2.7.1 is now ‘CLOSED’, 2.8.1 is now ‘LEGACY_SUPPORT’, 3.0.0 is now ‘LEGACY_SUPPORT’, 3.1.1 is now ‘LEGACY_SUPPORT’


January 2023

31 January
  • Adjusted account tags to allow ‘/’, ‘.’ and ‘-‘ characters tag names and values.

30 January
  • Added API support for creating OpenSearch clusters with Anomaly Detection, Asynchronous Search and SQL plugins
  • Added Console support for creating OpenSearch clusters with Anomaly Detection, Asynchronous Search and SQL plugins.
  • Released Kafka’s enterprise add-ons Karapace Schema Registry version 3.4.3 and Karapace REST Proxy version 3.4.3 for general availability.

25 January
  • Added load balancer support for Cadence in AZURE_AZ.

24 January
  • Added support for OpenSearch Alerting plugin for versions from 1.3.7.
  • Updated connection examples of OpenDistro for Elasticsearch and OpenSearch in Console.

23 January
  • View ongoing maintenance event and past maintenance event for a Postgres cluster
  • Introduced a limit to how far we can reschedule a maintenance event forward or backward
  • Introduced a state for the maintenance event where it can’t be rescheduled anymore
  • Added input validation in the Kafka update ACL API

18 January
  • Added Next Generation GCP nodes for Cassandra

17 January
  • Bug fixed where, under certain conditions, Kafka Connect clusters became stuck in a deleting status if they had Custom Connectors enabled.
  • Removed provisionLimit from the describe options API endpoint

16 January
  • Added PrivateLink support for Cadence.
  • Revoking MFA through the console now requires entering a TOTP code.
  • Added a feature to download terraform configuration for all your resources from the Instaclustr Console.
  • Added API and Terraform Provider v2 support for Kafka Connect cluster custom-connector role-based access.

12 January
  • Extended egress firewall feature to GCP and AZURE_AZ, clusters with Developer node sizes will automatically have egress firewall feature enabled. This feature can also be manually turned on by our support stuff for any GCP/AZURE_AZ clusters.
  • Fixed an issue where users could get permanently locked out after 5 incorrect login attempts with MFA.

11 January
  • Fixed logouts causing infinite redirects on the console when changing passwords
  • Users of the cluster-management API and terraform v2 plugin are now able to add ‘POSTGRESQL’ firewall rule resources to a cluster.
  • Fixed 503 errors when listing the users of a non-running Kafka cluster.
  • APIv1 updated to handle invalid Kafka Cluster IDs when creating a new Kafka Connect Cluster.
  • Deprecated Cadence metrics decommissioned. Only Cadence metrics V2 is available from now on.

10 January
  • Fixed a Console issue where ‘Private Network Cluster’ is incorrectly selectable when ‘Free Trial Options’ is enabled.
  • Released OpenSearch 1.3.7

9 January
  • Enabled Lucene addon for Cassandra 4.0.4
  • Added estimatedPartitionCount metric for Cassandra clusters
  • Support for provisioning of AWS NLBs by default for OpenSearch clusters with REST API load balancing.
  • Added support for creating OpenSearch clusters with load balancers in AWS from Console
  • Fixed automatic allow-listing of VPC ingress firewall rule for OpenSearch
  • Added following API V2 support for PostgreSQL
    • Cluster Create, Fetch, Delete, Resize
    • Configuration Properties Create, Fetch, Delete
    • Cluster Reload Operations Fetch
    • Node Reload Operations Create, Fetch
    • Default Bundle User Password Update
  • Added following Terraform Provider V2 support for PostgreSQL
    • Cluster Create, Delete, Resize
    • Configuration Properties Create, Update, Delete
  • Added functionality to specify Private IP CIDR range when performing a restore for Cassandra

5 January
  • Removed provisioning support for Elasticsearch on the Azure and Azure AZ providers

December 2022

12 December
  • PostgreSQL version 13.9 and 14.6 is now available.
  • PostgreSQL version 15.1 is now available in Public Preview.
  • A new metric “kc::customConnectorLoadStatus” is released to monitor custom connector loading status
  • Fixed login issues for SAML SSO users with partially completed Google/Github signups.
  • Added ability to assign roles to users through the SCIM group API.
  • Added an option for Organizations using enterprise SSO to disable email notifications sent to SCIM provisioned non-owner users about being revoked from Instaclustr Accounts.

1 December
  • New PostgreSQL node sizes for provider AWS released:
    • PGS-PRD-r6g.4xlarge-500
    • PGS-PRD-r6g.4xlarge-1000
    • PGS-PRD-r6g.4xlarge-2000
    • PGS-PRD-r6g.4xlarge-4000
  • Added API v2 and Terraform Provider v2 support for Cadence.

November 2022

30 November
  • Filter ConsumerGroup state metrics for Kafka Cluster Prometheus Endpoint

29 November
  • Fix for adding nodes to a cluster with multiple DC will now perform the correct minimum validation check

24 November
  • Released PostgreSQL 15 Public Preview.
  • OpenSearch Load Balancer is now supported in GCP provider.

23 November
  • Made resizeable-small(r5-xl)-v2 available as a deprecated node size in AWS Canada (Central)
  • Add PrivateLink AdvertisedHostName validation to API

22 November
  • Fixed issue with PostgreSQL cluster restores breaking due to a missing config setting.
  • Added labels “ClusterDataCenterName” and “ClusterDataCenterID” to prometheus account target discovery.

21 November
  • Support role based access for Kafka Connect cluster to download custom connectors from AWS S3 bucket

17 November
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some API key types from being rotated using the API.

16 November
  • Updated the Role Change API to target any account owned by the requesting user.

15 November
  • Fixed bug causing failures in restoring Redis clusters on GCP

14 November
  • Prevent service users from getting un-linked from accounts due to inactivity.
  • All APIv1 endpoints are now supported with equivalent endpoints in APIv2 for managed Apache Zookeeper.
  • All APIv1 endpoints for Kafka Connect are now supported with equivalent endpoints in APIv2.
  • Added support for Redis Cluster Creation, Fetch and Deletion using API v2 and Terraform Provider v2.
  • Upgraded NTP cluster

10 November
  • Started maintenance events (In Progress) can’t be rescheduled.
  • OpenSearch in Azure AZ provider now supports optional Network Load Balancer as an Add-on.
  • Old Heroku plans ‘small’, ‘balanced’, ‘bulk-storage’, ‘tiny’, ‘tiny-eu’, ‘starter-t3’, ‘starter-eu-t3’, ‘developer-t3’, ‘developer-eu-t3’ are no longer available for provisioning.
  • Added Deletion Checks for PrivateLink Endpoint Service.

09 November
  • Add “which node is master” in “Redis General” Label of “Monitoring” page, and not show ‘Master/Replica’ in ‘Details’ page of Redis cluster.
  • Introduced lifecycle states to add-on bundles.

07 November
  • Added support for Kafka PrivateLink clusters and AWS endpoint service principals through API v2 and Terraform Provider v2.
  • Added Karapace support to Kafka clusters in Terraform Provider and API v2.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Kafka users from being exported correctly with the terraform auto-import script.

03 November
  • Customer Initiated Resize feature now supports resizing to and from Deprecated Node Sizes

02 November
  • Fixed I/O-wait performance issues when nodes are generating a high volume of logs.

01 November
  • Added support for Kafka topics through Terraform Provider v2.

October 2022

31 October
  • Fixed GCP load balancer regression for new Cadence clusters.

24 October
  • The URL now redirects to the new and improved API documentation site


20 October
  • New Cassandra plans are available for use on the Heroku Marketplace on


19 October
  • OpenSearch 2.2.1 is now generally available.


18 October
  • Client <-> Node Encryption using TLS enabled for Cadence v0.24.0 and above.


17 October
  • Added support to use Let’s Encrypt certificates for OpenSearch REST.
  • Added Organization API Keys allowing for the creation, viewing and unlinking of accounts from an organization. These can be managed through the Organization API keys page on the Console.
  • Fixed a Console bug incorrectly showing users without permission the option to add their IP to a cluster’s firewall rules.
  • Added a user’s username on their profile page for the Console.
  • Added an account’s Id with a copy button on the account details page on the Console.
  • Clusters can now be created with a minimum name length of 3 characters instead of 5 on the Console.
  • Some links on the Console have been updated to correctly navigate to the intended documentation page.
  • Added the pricing disclaimer to node pricing pages that are subject to contract terms.

13 October
  • Moving our API Documentation site to be managed by Redocly at
  • Added ability to create, delete, and edit Kafka ACLs using Terraform Provider v2.

12 October
  • Included support for adding, retrieving and deleting Apache Kafka users through Terraform Provider V2.
  • Fixed a bug that blocked the provisioning of Kafka Connect clusters with Private Network for GCP.

10 October
  • New Cadence metrics available
  • Released Redis 7.0.5
  • Cassandra version is now generally available. Deprecated Cassandra version
  • Fixed monitoring metrics for Redis 7+ clusters

6 October
  • Introduced Lifecycle States to Application Versions
  • Drop-downs when selecting primary application versions during cluster creation will now include the Lifecycle State on the Application Version selected

5 October
  • Redis version 7.0.4 has been marked as Legacy Support due to reported CVE.
    (For further details, please see

4 October
  • Released Kafka 2.8.2, Kafka 3.0.2 and Kafka 3.1.2

September 2022

29 September
  • PgBouncer will now refresh session attributes after PostgreSQL failover, improving behaviour for libpq based clients using target_session_attrs.

27 September
  • Release OpenSearch 1.3.5
  • Add Support for OpenSearch Dashboards Reporting plugin

26 September
  • Updates to logged events.
  • Requests to the Instaclustr API are blocked from countries that are not Global Trade Compliant.
  • Resolved an issue where users under an organisation could not be deactivated using the SCIM 2.0 API.
  • Preview Release of version 2.0.0 of the Instaclustr Terraform Provider with complete Cassandra support, now available through the Terraform Registry.

20 September
  • SCIM provisioned users are no longer signed up for marketing emails by default.

15 September
  • Fixed an issue where verification emails would not be sent to users.

14 September
  • Cadence Development Shared Infrastructure available for Public Preview
  • Improved the console behaviour of viewing account and organisation invitations by hiding expired invitations.

12 September
  • Fixed bug preventing the enablement of custom log shipping to user Kafka clusters.

9 September
  • Fixed the ability to sign up through the AWS SaaS products for Instaclustr.

6 September
  • Disabled Node Sizes m5l-250-v2, i3.2xlarge-v2, c5d.2xlarge-v2 and m5xl-800-v2 for the Opensearch Offering. Alternative Node sizes with the same configuration are available for provisioning.

1 September
  • Added support for provisioning a Kafka PrivateLink cluster with Kafka add-ons

August 2022

31 August
  • General availability of PostgreSQL version 13.8 and PostgreSQL version 14.5. Disabled creation of PostgreSQL version 13.7 and PostgreSQL version 14.4 from the Instaclustr managed platform due to reported CVEs
  • Enabled deprecated node sizes resizeable-large(r5-4xl)-v2 and resizeable-small(r5-2xl)-v2 for AWS Canada (Central)
  • Fixed inconsistency in some of the metric names in Prometheus API response.

30 August
  • Fixed bug preventing reactivated SSO users from accessing the console.
  • Fixed disk initialisation issue causing slow provisioning for AWS instance store nodes.

29 August
  • Fixed bug causing the latest metrics to be missing for some nodes.

24 August
  • Improved disk space utilisation for new clusters.
  • Improved accuracy of disk space utilisation metrics.
  • Release Redis 7.0.4.

23 August
  • Disabled Node Sizes t3.small-v2 and t3.medium-v2 for the Opensearch offering. Alternative node sizes with the same configuration are available for Provisioning.
  • When provisioning a PostgreSQL cluster, using synchronous replication mode now requires 2-node minimum.

22 August
  • Add PrivateLink support for OpenSearch to our Terraform Provider.

18 August
  • General Availability release of AWS PrivateLink support for managed OpenSearch clusters.

17 August
  • Rename node sizes i3en.xlarge-2500, i3en.2xlarge-5000 for Kafka to KFK-PRD-i3en.xlarge-2328, KFK-PRD-i3en.2xlarge-4656.

16 August
  • Released Managed Apache Zookeeper 3.6.3 and 3.7.1 in GA.

15 August
  • Support i3en.xlarge and i3en.2xlarge instances for Kafka.

10 August
  • Added feature to restrict usage of API keys with CIDR ranges.
  • Disabling Opensearch Node Sizes m5xl-400-v2,i3en.xlarge, r5xl-1200-v2, r5xl-2000-v2 and m5xl-1600-v2 since Node sizes with the same configuration but different name are available for provisioning.

9 August
  • OpenSearch version 1.3.4 is now available.

8 August
  • Instaclustr for Redis is Now PCI DSS Compliant

4 August
  • Disabled Lucene add-on for Cassandra 4.x.
  • Enabled customer initiated resizing through API, Console and Terraform for eligible Azure PostgreSQL clusters

3 August
  • Improved security around GCP service account credentials handling.
  • Fixed a bug when resizing a AZURE_AZ/GCP Kafka cluster the operation fails immediately.

2 August
  • Added support for provisioning public network GCP Cadence clusters with Load Balancer.

1 August
  • Updated API deployment process

July 2022

28 July
  • Updated version of Redis mirroring
  • General availability of PostgreSQL version 14.4.
  • Disabling creation of PostgreSQL version 14.3 from the Instaclustr managed platform

27 July
  • Fixed errors in Spark UI pages for Spark 3.0.1.
  • Fixed issue where the status code for a successfully created Azure VNet Peer was not loading correctly when querying a single peering connection.
  • Added t4g.small instance for free trial in Kafka

26 July
  • Disabled node size c5.2xlarge for Elasticsearch and Opensearch, and disabled node t3.small-v2 and m5xl-800-v2 for Elasticsearch since alternative node sizes are available.
  • Released Kafka’s enterprise add-ons Karapace Schema Registry version 3.2.0 and Karapace REST Proxy version 3.2.0 for general availability.

21 July
  • Began supporting gRPC clients for Cadence on port 7833.

20 July

18 July
  • Added ability to block creating accounts that are not linked to an organization.
  • Released PrivateLink for Kafka to General Availability.

14 July
  • Implemented a new User Security Settings page allowing a user to view the security settings applied from all linked accounts.

13 July
  • Released support for customer initiated resizing for PostgreSQL data centres through API and Console for AWS and GCP

12 July
  • Disabled the node sizes t3.small, t3.medium, m5xl-400, m5xl-800, m5xl-1600, r5xl-1200, r5xl-2000, m5l-250 for Opensearch and Redis.
  • Added recommendations for configuring the Cadence VPC.

11 July
  • Released Kafka 3.1.1 and Kafka Connect 3.1.1.
  • Released Cassandra 3.11.3.

7 July
  • Released version 3.2.0 for Karapace Schema Registry in Public Preview and removed version 2.1.2.

6 July
  • Updated PostgreSQL default parameters, max_connection from 100 -> 106
  • Updated PostgreSQL default parameters, superuser_reserved_connections from 5 -> 6
  • Updated PostgreSQL default parameters, temp_file_limit node size dependent -> -1 (unlimited)
  • Updated PostgreSQL default parameters, max_worker_processes 8 -> node size dependant (number of cpu cores)

June 2022

30 June
  • Release Redis 6.2.7

29 June
  • Fix incorrect string escape for GCP private key input when creating Kafka Connect cluster with custom connectors
  • Add File upload as an alternative input for GCP credential details when creating Kafka Connect cluster with custom connectors

28 June
  • Fixed issue with nodes not being grouped on resize page.
  • Updated node selection styling and information.

27 June
  • Support resize of Cadence cluster in Console.

22 June
  • Client encryption will be default to enabled for Production SLA tier for Cassandra, Kafka, Redis, Postgres and Zookeeper.

21 June
  • Allow users to convert from a Social SSO user to an Instaclustr managed user.
  • UI improvements when selecting a node size during cluster creation and data centre resizes

20 June
  • Added OpenSearch version 2.0 as preview release

16 June
  • New ciphers whitelisted in new versions C* 3.11.6.ic5, C* 3.11.8.ic7 & C* 3.11.11.ic4
  • Added AWS Endpoint Service Principals management UI on Console2
  • Removed PrivateLink warning notification box on Create Cluster first page
  • Added New OpenSearch version 1.3.2

15 June
  • Added feature to logout user and clear session across all devices when password is changed.

14 June
  • Apply memory limits to the Cadence service to protect the underlying node against Out of Memory Exceptions

08 June
  • Updated version of Shotover proxy used by Redis

07 June
  • Removed reference to Redis mirroring being in preview
  • Enforce High Availability when adding nodes to production SLA Redis clusters
  • Fixed a bug affecting firewall provisioning between Cadence clusters and their dependency clusters

01 June
  • Added support to modify endpoint service principals for PrivateLink Kafka Clusters via API

May 2022

31 May
  • Removed unwanted Cadence node sizes from Kafka’s provisioning list.
  • Added streamlined solution provisioning for Cadence clusters with Advanced Visibility support.

26 May
  • General availability of PostgreSQL version 13.7 and version 14.3 on the Instaclustr Managed Platform.  Disabling creation of all other PostgreSQL versions from the Instaclustr Managed Platform due to CVE-2022-1552 (for further details please see:
  • Added support to allow any number of nodes to provision for Cadence.

25 May
  • Added PrivateLink support for Kafka to our Terraform Provider.

23 May
  • Added PostgreSQL self-serve feature to change the default bundle user via console.
  • Resolved an issue with viewing Postgres and Cadence logs through the Console.

19 May
  • Public Preview release of AWS PrivateLink support for managed Kafka clusters.
  • Added advertisedHostName, and privateLink configs to terraform description endpoint.
  • Added support to migrate clusters between accounts in an organisation. This feature is accessible through the Migrate Clusters menu item in the Organisation view.

18 May
  • OpenDistro For Elasticsearch is now legacy support only.

17 May
  • Fixed an issue where Monitoring API requests would block certain request patterns.

16 May
  • Added ability to toggle authentication for the Web UI on Cadence clusters
  • Corrected “Client-to-Broker Encryption” to “Client-to-Cluster Encryption” for PostgreSQL connection info page in management console.
  • Connection pool level metrics for PgBouncer are now available in management console.

10 May
  • Security patching for Cadence clusters.
  • Insight into the Console’s frontend performance using Datadog’s Real User Monitoring.

5 May
  • Implemented new API endpoint to get a list of PgBouncer connection pools.

4 May
  • Fixed a bug where querying Kafka cluster level metrics using the Prometheus endpoint returns 404.
  • Fixed a bug where Cadence IPs were not being added to the supporting Cassandra cluster’s firewalls for private network clusters.
  • Cadence uses the private IP of its dependencies in the config file when using TARGET VPC or VPC PEERING mode.

3 May
  • Usernames may now start with a number.
  • Added support to provision Cadence related Cassandra keyspaces with Network Topology Strategy and RF = 3.

2 May
  • Updated API documentation to show Prometheus metrics name.
  • OpenSearch 1.3.1 and OpenSearch Dashboards 1.3.1 are now available.
  • Amended networking configuration with some Cadence clusters
  • Added complete solution provisioning option for Cadence clusters.

April 2022

29 April
  • Fixed issue that prevented OpenSearch Dashboards starting on graviton node sizes.

28 April
  • Deprecate non-Graviton2 nodes for OpenSearch, Open Distro for Elasticsearch, and Cassandra.
  • Added support for provisioning PgBouncer with PostgreSQL bundle using the terraform provider.
  • Added comprehensive documentation of customer-facing metrics for Cadence monitoring at Also added supporting documentation for provisioning Cadence clusters directly via our provisioning API.
  • Workflow success/timeout/failed/cancel/terminate (aggregated at the domain level) metrics added for Cadence.

27 April
  • Maintenance contacts are now available on organizations.
  • Organization contacts can now be synced to linked accounts.

26 April
  • PgBouncer options will now be returned under “addonBundles” when querying the “/provisioning/v1/:clusterId/terraform-description” endpoint
  • New node sizes available for Cadence on AWS, GCP and AZURE AZ
  • Optimized prometheus endpoint api for Apache Kafka node

21 April
  • Released Karapace Schema Registry version 2.1.2 as an enterprise add-on for Kafka as a public preview version
  • Resizeable sizes for Cassandra are now retired, and no cluster/CDC can be provisioned using these sizes. Cassandra CDCs are now resizable even if they are not using the resizeable sizes.

20 April
  • Enabled new AWS Graviton2 node sizes on OpenSearch for free trial
  • Change Cadence web service port from 8080 to 443 using HTTPS

19 April
  • Released new Cassandra AWS graviton node sizes as enabled

18 April
  • Resolved GCP provisioning issues due to broken deb package references

14 April
  • Enabled PgBouncer provisioning through API.

13 April
  • Updated PgBouncer console metrics views for better grouping.
  • Fixed bug that allowed users with unvalidated emails to access support portal
  • Added new AWS Graviton2 node sizes for OpenSearch

12 April
  • PgBouncer provisioning capability added for Instaclustr Management Console
  • Updated PgBouncer console metrics views for better grouping.

11 April
  • Added “Hello World” code example using Go for Cadence on Console.
  • PgBouncer provisioning capability added for customers through Instaclustr management dashboard

7 April
  • Bundled Use Only deployment discounts are now calculated for you in the confirmation page of our Console cluster creation workflow for RIYOA provisioning.
  • Removed the ‘needsLoadBalancer’ field from the payload schema for our cluster creation API endpoint. Cadence clusters will receive a load balancer by default.

6 April
  • Added Index Management plugin to OpenDistro for Elasticsearch/OpenSearch’s options and OIDC provider to cluster resource in terraform provider.
  • Added Custom Virtual Network Id on cluster detail page for RIYOA clusters running in AWS_VPC, GCP or AZURE_AZ.

5 April
  • Added OIDC Id to list of OIDC Providers in Cluster Resources page in Console

4 April
  • RIYOA customers will now be able to see the price in management units of new nodes and clusters
  • Organization owners removed from an organization will now receive an email notification

March 2022

31 March
  • Our Managed Cadence offering has been made Generally Available.
  • Cadence operation level metrics exposed via prometheus and monitoring API endpoints.
  • Enabled new OpenSearch and OpenDistro for Elasticsearch node sizes for free trial.
  • Removed deprecated GCP node sizes from OpenSearch and OpenDistro for Elasticsearch size list.
  • Instaclustr now supports SSO and SCIM provisioning through Azure Active Directory.
  • Organizations are now in preview as a way to manage multiple accounts.

29 March
  • Added a validation rule that checks the version of target Cassandra and throw an error if the version is not 3.

28 March
  • Introduced ‘Bundled Use Only’ deployment options for Cassandra, Kafka and OpenSearch clusters, offering discounted deployments when using those applications only for support of a Cadence cluster.

23 March
  • Validate PostgreSQL cluster node count to be more than one when using Synchronous Mode Strict

21 March
  • Improved visibility of the create account button in the sidebar of the Console.
  • Improved formatting of Identity Provider’s information under the Single Sign On section of the Console.
  • Added inline licenses to source maps for externally referenced code.
  • Added missing certificates when convert let’s encrypt certificate to java keystore format for Kafka Rest Proxy

17 March
  • Fixed a loading issue on Firewall Rules tab of Console2 if PLAINTEXT, SASL PLAINTEXT, or SSL Kakfa Listeners added.

15 March
  • Added synchronous mode strict API option for PostgreSQL clusters.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the creation of OpenSearch and Elasticsearch GCP clusters without Dedicated Masters for free trial accounts.

10 March
  • Added synchronous mode strict Console option for PostgreSQL clusters.
  • Swap new Azure AZ provider with the old Azure Provider as the default Azure provider.
  • Added support for modification of PostgreSQL configuration via the Provisioning API.
  • Added support for reloading a PostgreSQL node via the Provisioning API.
  • Resolved issue of some bundles not showing dev node sizes for cluster creation in console.

9 March
  • Added load balancer info on the Cadence connection info page.
  • Removed the pop out box next to the load balancer id on the Cadence cluster details page.
  • Fixed an error while signing up through Google or Github SSO.
  • Fixed a bug where consumer group metrics are missing for some Kafka clusters.

8 March
  • Added synchronous mode strict API option for PostgreSQL clusters.
  • Improved stability of Redis clusters during maintenance operations.
  • Added username/password (login) support for Cadence Web.
  • Included On-Premises button in console pricing page.

7 March
  • Fixing a bug on the Console, where the Connection Info pages for Kafka Schema Registry and Kafka Rest Proxy may give wrong node IPs in the examples.

3 March
  • Added new GCP node sizes for OpenSearch and Open Distro of Elasticsearch
  • Added support page “Cadence Advanced Visibility”, and added a link to it in Cadence setup page to explain advanced visibility

2 March
  • Adding support for resource group in Console when creating RIYOA Azure AZ clusters

February 2022

24 February
  • Released PostgreSQL 14.2 and 13.6.
  • Added new PostgreSQL metric to track connections count against each node.
  • Added timeline id, replication lag (in byte and millisecond), and replication status views for PostgreSQL clusters.

23 February
  • Rectified access to the Cluster Health page for Cassandra clusters of Heroku users.
  • Updated the Sign Up and Login pages navigation to be more relevant to Console 2.

21 February
  • Added validation for subnets length of cluster network.
  • Released Cassandra 3.11.11.

17 February
  • Fixed a bug which may have caused Safari to hang and show an error message on the signup page.
  • A broader range of metrics are now available to monitor Cadence clusters via our API and Console

16 February
  • Maintenance Events now generate Emails as notifications sent to a Maintenance Contact list available on the account.

15 February
  • Fixed issue where adding nodes to a Cadence cluster was restricted to sets of 3, you can now add any number of nodes to a Cadence cluster.
  • Fixed an issue where Spark became unavailable due the inability to connect to a Zookeeper cluster.

14 February
  • Fixed to set retention of 1 day to SLA topic of Kafka clusters.

10 February
  • Fixed an issue with bundle version formats breaking for certain cluster configurations with a validation error when provisioning clusters.

9 February
  • Added capability to select between SYNCHRONOUS and ASYNCHRONOUS replication modes for postgreSQL clusters.

7 February
  • Verification emails now expire after 10 days.

4 February
  • Fixed Kafka Consumer Group Metric Collection.

2 February
  • Fixed a bug where users clicking on the SSO login button may have seen an error instead of being directed to login using a normal Instaclustr account.

January 2022

31 January
  • Additional Kafka-Connect metrics exposed via Prometheus Compatible Monitoring API
  • Whitelist cipher suites for PCI Compliant Kafka Cluster
  • Console now stops users completing actions which aren’t eligible for Free Trial.
  • OpenDistro For Elasticsearch version 1.13.3 is now available

28 January
  • Changes to the Instaclustr Statuspage
    • Auto update the current status of our applications
    • Show uptime metrics for our applications

27 January
  • Fixed a bug when querying cluster metrics from Kafka clusters using a Prometheus format throwing 400 error.
  • Google SSO and invited users now receive welcome emails.

25 January
  • Use of OpenID Connect by OpenSearch and OpenDistro For Elasticsearch clusters is now available by default.

24 January
  • OpenSearch version 1.2.4 is available.
  • Update version order and Cassandra 4.0.1.ic1 to be the default on the Create Cassandra page

21 January
  • Fixed a bug that the firewall rules were not able to be added in the same VPC, which affected both our Kafka Connect and Cadence offerings.

20 January
  • Added new node sizes for OpenSearch and OpenDistro of Elasticsearch to cover dedicated master node cases.
  • Postgres Clusters now have a new Maintenance Events features for informing customers of upcoming maintenance on their Postgres clusters.
  • Released new versions of Cassandra, Spark, Spark Jobserver, & Debezium to address CVE-2021-42550 and CVE-2021-4104.

19 January
  • Addressed log4j1 CVE-2021-4104 in Kafka and Zookeeper Offering Images.

18 January
  • Extended cdc resize support to AZURE_AZ for Kafka clusters.

13 January
  • PostgreSQL ‘per second’ metrics updated to have sub-type of count_per_second when retrieved through the API.

12 January
  • OpenSearch version 1.2.3 and OpenSearch-Dashboards 1.2.0 are available.
  • Users will no longer be able to select unrelated disk encryption keys. Keys that are only matched with provider account and the data centre will be available to be selected.

11 January
  • Redis Cluster support automatically add nodes from customer platform.
  • The “Welcome to Instaclustr” email is no longer sent to a user whose email address is marked as invalid after 180 days of the previous verification.
  • Elasticsearch : Fixed the error of not picking any nodes to resize to and broken summary card on Add Nodes page of Console
  • Updated PostgreSQL monitoring metrics with unit of measurement, and updated groupings and naming of metrics for ease of use in console views. Below metrics were changed
    • tempBytesPerSecond subtype updated to value
    • tableSize subtype updated to value
    • indexSize subtype updated to value
  • Updated API to include default username for PostgreSQL in cluster status request responses.
  • Fixed console sessions not extending past 15 minutes.

10 January
  • Display provisioning errors on the cluster details page on the Console in the event of a provisioning failure.
  • Updated Elasticsearch Python client example in Console’s Connection Info page.
  • Updated Elasticsearch and OpenSearch Java client example in Console’s Connection Info page.

7 January
  • Fixed an issue where some older versions of Spark and Cassandra could not be provisioned when using an abbreviated version reference.

6 January
  • Extended cdc resize support to GCP for Kafka clusters.
  • Terraform provider retry mechanism for cluster deletion that still have dependencies
  • Terraform provider Kafka Connect sensitive credentials for custom connector buckets and SASL JAAS config

5 January
  • Fixed error message appearing at sign-in on Console
  • Added message about running in your own account to pricing page.
  • Can now view pricing for single node PostgreSQL clusters.
  • Fixed a bug where Data Centre Options was not displaying correct provider account name for RIYOA customers.
  • Increased the timeout for Kafka user, topics, and ACL management API
  • Better error messaging when list Kafka user endpoint is hit for a cluster that is not yet RUNNING
  • Fixed a bug where add ons version selection through console is not working for Cassandra and Kafka
  • Added example for Kafka ACL and Topic management API in the Connection Info page
  • Reorganized the examples in Kafka Connection Info page
  • Retired ‘t4g.small’ node size selections for Kafka cluster with any add-on configured
  • Updated OpenDistro for Elasticsearch and OpenSearch versions to use latest Log4j 2.17.1

December 2021

17 December
  • Applied mitigation for Log4j 2 vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) to the Instaclustr API.

15 December
  • Exposed additional information about the target primary datastore to Cadence clusters’ Details pages in our Console.
  • Service users can now be deactivated from the Console, and the original service user account owner can recreate the service user.
  • Updated terraform-description endpoint for Kafka Connect cluster
  • Updated Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.11.0 to use latest Log4j 2.15.0
  • Updated OpenSearch 1.0.0 to use latest Log4j 2.15.0

14 December
  • Fixed error in public API documentation that was incorrectly showing “validationMessages” as request parameter
  • Update Open Distro for Elasticsearch 1.8 Images to use latest Log4j

13 December
  • Fixed issues logging into the Console with some versions of Firefox.
  • Applied mitigation for Log4j 2 vulnerability(CVE-2021-44228) on OpenSearch and OpenDistro of Elasticsearch offering.

9 December
  • Fix issues with PostgreSQL deadRows metrics.

8 December
  • Improved the visibility of additional options in the filters of the cluster monitoring page on the Console.
  • Tighten security while provisioning kafka connect clusters using a PCI enabled kafka cluster.
  • Managed PostgreSQL service marked as non preview.
  • Fix: PostgreSQL logs views in console to retrieve the latest available logs.

7 December
  • Released user-managed configuration, reload and logging functionality for PostgreSQL clusters

6 December
  • Removed the ability to provision new Cassandra 2.x clusters.

3 December
  • Fixed provisioning of Kafka Dedicated Zookeeper On Premise Cluster
  • Read-only users can now view backup status
  • Added support for Kafka + Kafka Connect and Standalone Apache Zookeeper for free trial accounts

2 December
  • Introduced synthetic transaction metric views for PostgreSQL clusters. Metric collection will be rolled out in a staged manner.
  • Added Kafka ACL management via Instaclustr API and Instaclustr Terraform Provider

1 December
  • Fixed Kafka Garbage Collection Metric Display
  • Fixed the SCIM API to support provisioning pre-existing users linked to multiple accounts
  • Added Terraform support for Kafka topic management
  • Fix PostgreSQL metric views for databases,schemas and tables that contain multiple : in them.

November 2021

30 November
  • AWS backup encryption support added to PostgreSQL managed clusters
  • Exposed disk bytes used and disk bytes available as a metric and added a new graph for it on the Console

29 November
  • Redis version 6.2.6 has been released.
  • Kafka topic management through Instaclustr API.

15 November
  • Fix issue in provisioning OpenSearch with Index Management plugin enabled.
  • Added two new AWS node sizes for Cassandra – CAS-PRD-i3.4xlarge-3538 and CAS-PRD-i3en.2xlarge-4656
  • This release also introduces some compelling capabilities to Instaclustr GCP managed clusters, Introducing GCP Private network clusters and VPC Network Peering for GCP Clusters.

11 November
  • Fix a bug where months may not have displayed correctly on the credit card billing page.

10 November
  • Kafka Schema Registry Metrics is available on Console and API.
  • Added Terraform support for OpenSearch.

9 November
  • Support resize of Redis cluster in Console.

8 November
  • Fix for PostgreSQL backup issue. This will be rolled out to clusters in a staged manner.
  • Updated the public pricing API to include the Mounted Disk display name.

4 November
  • Fixed Terraform description endpoint for PostgreSQL clusters.
  • PostgreSQL Restore API definable point in time issue fix.
  • The monitoring page is now accessible for clusters in a degraded state.

3 November
  • Added ability for users to retrieve PostgreSQL logs.
  • Added a new version of OpenDistro For Elasticsearch 1.11.0.ic1 which supports the Index Management plugin.
  • Released Kafka Connect 3.0.0 in GA.
  • With API endpoints /provisioning/v1/:id/cluster-data-centres and /provisioning/v1/extended if an invalid value is given for the clusterNetwork field, return an appropriate error message.

2 November
  • All Console 1 links will now redirect to Console 2.
  • Fixed a bug where menu options wouldn’t have appeared properly on smaller screens.
  • Added AWS Graviton node sizes for PostgreSQL.

1 November
  • Update list of products offered to include PostgreSQL and Opensearch in the console landing page

October 2021

29 October
  • Released Kafka 3.0.0 with Zookeeper in GA

28 October
  • Fixed some erroneous HTTP 500 error codes on the API

27 October
  • Released PostgreSQL 14.0

26 October
  • Fixed billing details not allowing updates for each section separately
  • When provisioning clusters from the API, if an incorrect DataCentre value is given, display an appropriate error message.
  • OpenSearch is now supported on our managed platform. Version 1.0.0 is now reached general availability.
  • Autocomplete is now disabled for the cluster delete confirmation text input

20 October
  • Add support for multi-region, TLS Redis clusters.
  • Changes to Kafka Connect cluster creation page in the console to make it more intuitive
  • Added support for Github SSO on Console 2.
  • Prevent VPC peering list from changing in-between polls if there is no add/deletion of VPC peering connections.

19 October
  • Clusters with VPC peering connections involving multiple CIDRs can now be managed using our Open Source Terraform Provider.

18 October
  • Released Kafka 3.0.0 and Kafka Connect 3.0.0 in preview.

14 October
  • Fixed global errors showing for Heroku users when viewing clusters.
  • Improved the visibility of options in the filters of the cluster monitoring page on the Console.

13 October
  • Instaclustr AWS S3 Kafka Connect Plugin extended to support IAM role.
  • Resolved errors when signing up through Google SSO.

12 October
  • Logging into the Console as a deactivated user will redirect you to an error page, which will then log you out.
  • Updated the Kafka C# and Java client examples in the Console to latest versions, and fixed a typo in the Kafka Python client example.
  • VPC Peering to VPCs with multiple CIDRs is now supported.

11 October
  • Added new Cassandra metric to track the number of schema versions present in a cluster.
  • Added the D15_v2-an node size to the North Central US, Southeast Australia, and US East 2 regions for the Azure provider and to the US East region for Azure with Availability Zones provider.

7 October
  • Kafka 2.8.1 and Kafka Connect 2.8.1 public release.

5 October
  • Fixed a bug in the Kafka Connect cluster creation page where choosing KAFKA_VPC targeting a RIYOA cluster resulted in a validation error.
  • Added authentication support for Redis mirroring.

September 2021

30 September
  • Fixed regression that caused user role not immediately available on all new Cassandra nodes.
  • Resolved an issue with Heroku users seeing errors when reloading the page on Console 2.
  • Added support for Google SSO on Console 2.
  • Improved status information for in-progress resize operations on Console 2.
  • Fixed Console 2 resize page not allowing more than one resize per cluster.
  • Upgraded cluster tag search on Console 2 to include tags in use across all account clusters.
  • Added PostgreSQL backup listing and on demand triggering capability through API.
  • Introduced end timestamp to backup events in the response for{clusterId}/backups endpoint.

29 September
  • Changed the Instaclustr API documentation domain to be
  • Fixed a bug in Kafka Connect cluster creation page where we can’t use GCP custom connector bucket.

28 September
  • Fixed an issue where hyphens and underscores were not being permitted in Kafka and Redis usernames by the new Console’s creation pages.
  • Added customer control of whether a Kafka user creation requested via API or Console should override an existing user of the same name, if it exists.
  • Added three Zookeeper node sizes to AZURE in region US_EAST_2 (Virginia) and US_WEST_2 (Washington).

27 September
  • Removed Console 2 welcome messages

24 September
  • Fixed a certificate loading issue for PostgreSQL metrics

22 September
  • Fixed potential issue with restoration of security index for Open Distro for Elasticsearch clusters

20 September
  • Allow provisioning with client encryption enabled on Developer-sized PostgreSQL nodes
  • Cassandra 4.0.1 released to platform

16 September
  • Fixed the problem where a creating cluster with Replication Factor of 3 on some AZURE regions will fail

15 September
  • Updated Provisioning Read-Only and Monitoring API keys to be not automatically generated upon user creation
  • Added PostgreSQL Preview feedback instructions to Console
  • Updated the validation of emails to make it less likely for a user to make a mistake

13 September
  • PostgreSQL public preview released
  • Improved cluster search feature for Console 2, adding search by description, application, tag, and an advanced search
  • Fixed an issue with{bundle_version} endpoint

9 September
  • Applied patch for Kafka 2.7.1 to fix the bug where Kafka may lead to divergence or loss of committed data (see )

8 September
  • Change Redis AOF rewrite minimal size to be 5G.
  • Change permissions created for some default users on selected bundles.

7 September
  • Change GST pricing text on Console 2 to be more generic.
  • Enabled provisioning On-premise Kafka Connect clusters.

6 September
  • Graviton2 support for our Kafka Connect offering
  • Provisioning support is discontinued for older Kafka Connect versions: 2.3.1 and 2.4.1
  • Added various usability improvements to the Console 2 monitoring graphs pages, including – new graph selections are added to the top of the list and the monitoring graphs page has been made the default page for running clusters.
  • Enabled some GCP local disk node sizes for Cassandra.

2 September
  • Service Users released – Service users allow for access to the instaclustr API without that access being tied to a specific user. See support article for more detail.

1 September
  • Added feature to allow requiring all new clusters to be PCI compliant to the console account security settings
  • Updated Zookeeper logo
  • Fixed bug with Kafka Connect selecting the wrong default connection type to Kafka
  • Improved backup and resize events date ordering on Console

August 2021

31 August
  • Disabled GCP N2 node types in US-West-2 California as they are not available.
  • Removed incorrect GCP N2 node sizes for the Cassandra Spark combination.
  • Improved the usability of selectors with a large set of options on Console 2’s monitoring graphs and lists pages by supporting auto-complete search.
  • Fixed conflicting replication factor and node count when adding a data centre on Console 2.
  • Improved clarity of firewall rule types between Cassandra versions on Console 2.
  • Fixed validation to allow at-rest encryption for node sizes with ephemeral storage.
  • Added a new status “STALE_TOPIC” for Kafka Connect Mirroring, and modified the existing behaviours of its “IN_SYNC” and “OUT_OF_SYNC” status.

30 August
  • Removed Zeppelin from the API documentation because it is no longer supported.

25 August
  • Updated Console 2 to be the default console.

23 August
  • Added an Account Security option to select the duration of inactivity before the session times out on Console 2. This option is defaulted to 8 hours for accounts that have not previously enabled it on Console 1.
  • Fixed some exceptions in some scenarios in the monitoring API.
  • Improved accessibility for password managers on Console 2.

19 August
  • Fixed error on initial load of Kafka mirroring details page in Console 2.
  • Added automatic refreshing of mirroring statuses on the main mirroring information page for Kafka Connect clusters in Console 2.
  • Prevented invalid cluster prices from showing on the cluster pricing page of Console 2.

8 August
  • Updated Redis Config “client-output-buffer-limit”

17 August
  • Support for Kafka 2.7.1 and Kafka Connect 2.7.1 public release.
  • Added the Health monitoring page for Cassandra clusters on Console 2.
  • Managed ZooKeeper clusters can now be provisioned via Console 2.
  • Fixed a typo in the API Documentation’s example provisioning request for Apache ZooKeeper.
  • Fixed a bug in Kafka cluster deletion process.
  • Added more Redis metrics to Redis cluster monitoring’s summary page.

12 August
  • Enhanced user support to allow Heroku users to view clusters via Console 2.0.
  • Policy Updates are now shown to users automatically and require acknowledgement to return to using your account.
  • Fixed connection info pages showing IPs for nodes that have not hit running status.
  • Fixed connection info pages showing Kafka Dedicated Zookeeper node IPs.
  • Fixed situations where it was possible to unlink or change the role of a user when it should not be possible.
  • Fixed OIDC providers being shown on cluster creation for accounts without OIDC enabled, but with a user who has access to an OIDC account.
  • Updated summary cards to show more information.
  • Updated menu toggle to be more visible and usable.
  • Added Kafka Consumer group metrics pages to Console 2.

11 August
  • Instaclustr’s AWS Marketplace public offering available in Console 2
  • Added the SSO Enablement Request form and View Identity Provider pages to Console 2.
  • Added provider account name, EBS encryption key name, and tags to cluster details display in Console 2

10 August
  • Switched support portal integration to the new Console 2 application

9 August
  • Spark UI pages available in Console 2.
  • Fixed a bug in memory allocation for applications on developer-size Kafka Graviton nodes

5 August
  • Fixed an issue with some metrics returning as fractions instead of doubles
  • Overhauled the design and functionality of the monitoring graphs page on Console 2 to support viewing multiple metric groups at a time.
  • Resolved an error with Memory metrics on the Metrics Graphs page on Console 2.
  • Resolved an issue on the Company Name not pre-populating with the saved value in the Account Details page on Console 2.
  • Cassandra resize is now possible in Console 2 for resizable node sizes.

4 August
  • Corrected the multi-DC Cassandra provisioning API example.
  • Updated Monitoring Api backend

3 August
  • Added a new endpoint for users to rotate their own API key
  • Repositioned settings and support menus in Console 2
  • Managed ZooKeeper clusters can now be managed completely in our new console, with monitoring, firewall management and connection support all now available
  • Console 2 UI improvements for smaller screens
  • Add additional nodes sizes with larger disks to the Open Distro for Elasticsearch offering on Azure with Availability Zones.

2 August
  • AWS Graviton 2 and GP3 support for our Kafka offering
  • Provisioning support is discontinued for older Kafka versions: 2.1.1, 2.3.1 and 2.4.1
  • Boost sizes introduced for Kafka

July 2021

29 July
  • Spark landing page available on Console 2.

28 July
  • Added support for creating PCI-enabled Elasticsearch cluster on Console 2
  • Standardised Console 2 Table Layouts
  • Various UI Improvements to Console 2

26 July
  • Moved Shotover connection info to a separate tab on Console 2’s Connection Info page.
  • Fixed a Console 2 bug showing the incorrect number of nodes in the summary section of the Add Nodes page.
  • Added the L8s_v2-an node size to the Central US region for the Azure provider.

21 July
  • Fixed developer node sizes being available for Private Network Clusters when they should not have been. The exception is the “t3.medium-v2-tls” node size which is available for Apache Cassandra.
  • Changed the Create Cluster button on Console 2
  • Updated the search button on Console 2 to be clearable once there is an active search. Also added a hover effect to buttons.
  • Added Reset Password functionality to Console 2
  • Emails related to free trial expiry and user access expiry are now compatible with Console 2.
  • Fixed an issue with the Confirm Password fields used on various Console 2 pages not forcing passwords to match.

20 July
  • Fixed incorrect provisioning information when cdc is in the joining status.

15 July
  • Added Zendesk chat to Console 2.

13 July
  • Added support for linking users to accounts on Console 2.

12 July
  • Added a warning when attempting to create a Kafka Connect cluster targeting a PCI compliant Instaclustr managed cluster.
  • API users can now add Cluster Data Centre for Cassandra and Redis clusters.
  • Cassandra and Redis Data Centres can now be added through Console 2.
  • Added automatic sign in to support portal when navigating from Console 2.
  • Added a new AWS instance type to London region.

8 July
  • Add nodes is now available for Redis clusters in Console 2.
  • Redis cluster connection info page updated to include per-data centre instructions.

6 July
  • Users can now sign up and verify their emails through Console 2.
  • Updated the pricing display on Console 2 for accounts using their own AWS accounts.
  • Improved the On-Premises Kafka Dedicated Zookeeper selection experience on Console 2.
  • Updated Redis API to return Redis password authentication and client encryption.

5 July
  • API keys page was updated to mask the credentials after the initial generation.
  • Azure Backups are now enabled for on-premises users.

1 July
  • Kafka Users with the SASL/SCRAM SHA-512 Authentication Mechanism can now be created within our updated Console
  • Improved node status display and cluster status polling on Console 2

June 2021

30 June
  • Added support for Azure Availability Zones.
  • Added VPC peering feature (AWS only) to Console 2.

29 June
  • Updated metrics graph and list page with more accurate labels for the help link and metrics dropdown.

28 June
  • Account Security Settings page is now available for Console 2.
  • Added OpenID Connect (OIDC) CRUD support for clusters on Console 2.
  • Kafka users can now be created with the SHA-512 SASL/SCRAM mechanism, as well as the preexisting SHA-256 mechanism; see our API documentation for details.

24 June
  • Fixed an issue with Azure RIYOA provisioning.

22 June
  • To ensure the security of accounts, we now require emails to be revalidated every 180 days.

21 June
  • Added ‘Create account’ feature on Console 2.
  • Added ‘Summary Metrics’ for Console 2.
  • Improved the EBS encryption key selection experience on the create cluster page on Console 2.

17 June
  • Updated Console 2 styles and fixed missing on premises node size.

16 June
  • Made two new AWS node sizes available for Managed Zookeeper, which all offer Local SSD storage.

10 June
  • Classified t3.medium-v2-tls as developer only node size

09 June
  • Released an all new version of the Instaclustr Console! Console 2 is now available as a preview, and will be displayed as a link through the original Console.
  • Users can set up and revoke MFA on Console 2.

08 June
  • Released version v5.0.4 for Kafka Schema Registry.

02 June
  • Updated the View External Identity Provider page on the Console to provide custom domain based ACS URL.
  • Added new AWS Graviton node sizes for Redis.

May 2021


28 May
  • Fixed a bug where logging into console with different permutations of lowercase and uppercase in username or email could cause an error

27 May
  • Updated the SCIM User Management deactivate user endpoint to completely deactivate the user from Instaclustr.
  • Fixed a bug when querying some metrics in prometheus format returning 400 Error.

25 May
  • Enabled automated provisioning of Multi DC Clusters when created via the api

19 May
  • The user-provided data centre name for multi-DC provisioning is now available via the Cluster Read API.
  • Updated data centre JOINING status so it can only be reached after the PROVISIONED status

18 May
  • Customer are now able to identify the Storage Type used by each node type for all 3 providers.
  • The Storage Type is now displayed in the Create Cluster and Pricing Pages as-well.
  • Fixed display bug in console for Redis Mirroring clusters

13 May
  • Firewall rules for Kibana on Elasticsearch clusters can now be created and deleted using the respective APIs.
  • Fixed a bug when creating Kafka Connect Mirror with “Rename mirrored topics” unticked that causes creation to be failed.

10 May
  • Updated API to return login details for any type of cluster

06 May
  • Released Cassandra 4.0 rc1 as a preview version.
  • We are supporting managed Apache ZooKeeper as one of our new offering.
  • Made four new GCP node sizes available for Managed Kafka, which all offer Local SSD storage.

05 May
  • Provisioning API will now return nodes in rack, then ID order to ensure consistency out output.

04 May
  • Private network cluster support is now enabled for On-premises.

03 May
  • Added additional metrics for Redis Mirroring

April 2021

29 April
  • Fixed an issue that rollup metrics are not available for a period larger than 1 hour.
  • Updated the Dashboard to display the Storage Type used for a particular Node Size

28 April
  • Update api to be able to provision multiple Apache Cassandra data centres in a single request

22 April

12 April
  • Fixed an issue that allowed cdc resizes to target non Kafka node sizes if the Kafka cluster had add-ons enabled.

March 2021

30 March
  • Updated connection info page to link to Cassandra C# connection support page.
  • Updated Redis hard memory limit on Docker for nodes.
  • Enabled accelerated network node sizes for Cassandra and Elasticsearch.

29 March
  • Enabled support for CounterMutationStage and ViewMutationStage metrics for Cassandra 4.0.
  • Updated terraform-description API endpoint to support multiple add-on bundles and DCs

24 March
  • Fixed an issue where clusters would not show up in the console when there is at least one multi-DC cluster in the account.

23 March
  • Added AWS_VPC tags to the Cluster Status API call and Console cluster details and cluster list view.

22 March
  • Released Spark 3.0.1 for Cassandra 4.0-beta2 preview.

17 March
  • Disabled zeppelin for api requests
  • Enable c5d.2xlarge in AWS, SA_EAST_1

16 March
  • Updated Redis Monitoring API and API Docs
  • Added Redis replica nodes will now be assigned to an optimal Redis master
  • Increased validations on Custom Connector Storage Configurations at provisioning time, and introduced fixes to allow Configurations including keys that contain ‘=’ characters.

11 March
  • Deprecated Kafka AWS node sizes r5.xlarge-750-gp2 and c5.xlarge-750-gp2. Introduced Kafka AWS node sizes r5.xlarge-800-gp2 and c5.xlarge-800-gp2.

10 March
  • Two new node size r5xl-800-v2 and m5l-400-v2 added for Elasticsearch.
  • Added support for UAE North Azure region

9 March
  • Updated Provisioning API terraform-description endpoint to include cluster’s provider information.
  • Fix certificate compatibility issue affecting .NET Cassandra clients on Windows.
  • New data centre level instance resize feature (within same disk sizes) for AWS Elasticsearch and Kafka clusters.
  • Updated Redis config with optimisation settings.

4 March
  • Updated Calculation of Cassandra seed nodes so replacing a node in a private IP cluster and deleting the current data will trigger data streaming.

3 March
  • Azure local storage supported node size Standard_L8s_v2 is now available with Accelerated Networking

2 March
  • Fixed issue with Cassandra and Elasticsearch clusters being unable to manually start a backup from the Console.

1 March
  • Added Kafka 2.6.1 and Kafka Connect 2.6.1
  • Added Backup/Restore capabilities to Redis Clusters on the console.

February 2021

24 February
  • Hardened Spark Docker image.

19 February
  • Fixed a bug where overlapping CIDRs in Firewall Rules could not be added via API.

16 February
  • Implemented additional feature to show the replica(s) of each Redis Master Node.
  • Exposed Produce / Fetch bandwidth quota per user metrics for Kafka, this functionality will be enabled as the changes are rolled out.

15 February
  • Updated Kernel settings for Redis nodes.

12 February
  • Added AWS Restore capabilities for Redis Clusters.

10 February
  • Fixed an issue where unsupported application versions could be provisioned as PCI compliant.

9 February
  • Continuous backup add-on enabled for Cassandra 4.0 preview

4 February
  • Improved Redis ACL support

2 February

January 2021

28 January
  • Reduced default Debezium logging level.

22 January
  • Fixed Kafka PCI Addon selection and client encryption default setting (true)

21 January
  • Updated Redis Provisioning API and API Documentation

20 January
  • Implemented additional validation rules for Kafka Connect provisioning

18 January
  • Redis – Streamlined defaults for cluster creation and updated media
  • Fixed data center network, replication factor and node count values with GCP and Azure providers not re-populating with a failed create cluster form submission
  • Fixed clusters with default node sizes with GCP cluster provisioning with Kafka node sizes
  • Fixed create cluster form not persisting custom form values with invalid form submissions
  • Updated memory and disk size values for nodes on Create Cluster and Pricing & Features page

13 January
  • Fixed an issue where Kafka Connect custom connectors can’t be used in S3 buckets that only support SigV4

12 January
  • Added Content-Security-Policy and X-XSS-Protection headers to console requests
  • Minor bug fix in alerting on Redis clusters.
  • Fixed an issue where SSO users could not perform Redis user operations (create/ delete / change password).
  • Released Open Distro Elasticsearch 1.11.0.
    Released Open Distro Kibana 1.11.0.

11 January
  • Read and Write metrics for different Cassandra consistency levels are now available via the API and Console.

06 January
  • Released Redis 6.0.9.

05 January
  • Made changes to the tool so that topic creation will obey –if-not-exists flags.

04 January
  • Kafka Connect Clusters can now be provisioned targeting Clusters with pre-existing Security Group based firewall rules.
  • Improved reliability of Kafka synthetic metrics, this will be rolled out to clusters in a staged manner.

December 2020

17 Dec
  • Fixed the issue where SSO users can’t perform Kafka user operations (creating/deleting/changing password).
  • Fixed an issue where new users were unable to add data centres to their clusters through the Instaclustr Console.
  • Enhanced the login failure message shown when a user is locked out of their account after 5 consecutive unsuccessful logins if the security setting is enabled.
  • Enhanced the cluster creation page and the add DC page to suggest network ranges that do not overlap with other datacentres in the account.
  • Enabled kafka schema registry and kafka rest proxy password reset through terraform-provider-instaclustr.
  • Fixed an issue in terraform-provider-instaclustr where it didn’t wait for clusters to reach RUNNING state before creating the bundle users.

16 Dec
  • Filtered out IP addresses of ZooKeeper nodes from address lists in Kafka clusters’ Connection Info dashboard page.
  • Updated the welcome email to reflect our current offerings.
  • Made Debezium 1.3.1.Final available as a custom module.

10 Dec
  • Fixed a bug in the API documentation where brackets in example URIs are displayed as encoded strings.
  • On request node size i3.4xlarge node size changed from deprecated to standard.

9 Dec
  • Added support for managing Kafka mirroring setups to the provisioning API.
  • Fixed a console bug where a SSO only user can’t delete clusters.

8 Dec
  • Added ordering of API endpoints via a custom x-priority extension on the OpenAPI 3 specification.

7 Dec
  • Fixed incorrect provisioning API responses when using unauthorized API keys.

1 Dec
  • Deployed internal SSO mechanism
  • Fine-tuned Redis cluster SLA failure alerts

November 2020

30 Nov
  • Added mirroring source connector metrics on Console for Kafka Connect.
  • Password Authentication and Authorization with Client Node encryption is now enabled for Cassandra 4.0 (beta 2) Preview release

26 Nov
  • Released Cassandra 3.11.8.  Made Cassandra 3.11.4 and 3.11.6 disabled by default for new clusters.

23 Nov
  • We have retired deprecated AWS node sizes.

19 Nov
  • We have a new endpoint for monitoring API that returns paged results and we can now use wildcard for querying Kafka broker level topic metrics.

19 Nov
  • Fixed an issue in provisioning Kafka clusters with Kafka Rest Proxy bundle, through Instaclustr API.
  • Fixed an issue where more restrictive OpenSSL clients could not connect to clusters.

17 Nov
  • Fixed an issue where the Sign Up page would return a blank page.
  • Updated default configuration for Redis clusters

16 Nov
  • Implemented PCI enablement on SSO accounts.

12 Nov
  • Implemented cluster deletion for SSO only users.

11 Nov
  • Included Kafka schema registry and rest proxy password resetting feature through API

10 Nov
  • Upgraded deprecated imports

09 Nov
  • Safety checks implemented for Redis node replace operations

05 Nov
  • Simplified process and user interface for creating managed Kafka mirroring setups
  • Introduced a new API endpoint GET /provisioning/v1/{clusterId}/events to obtain information on cluster provisioning related errors

03 Nov
  • Enhanced responses from the Instaclustr API to include additional details on HTTP 500 errors.
  • Changed “Update the role of a user” endpoint to support SCIM username in the “scim_username” field.
  • Changed email arguments to be case insensitive with User Management API endpoints.
  • Simplified process and user interface for creating managed Kafka mirroring setups

02 Nov
  • Added option to not open up the Cassandra thrift port for user access, the cql port can now be opened without the thrift port.

October 2020

29 Oct
  • Implemented per customer rate limiting on monitoring API.

28 Oct
  • It is now possible to retrieve Kafka consumer group states through API  and console
    Please note that metrics might not be reported for your cluster as these metrics will be enabled gradually across clusters

27 Oct
  • Add support for the following AWS regions: af-south-1 (Cape Town), eu-south-1 (Milan), me-south-1 (Bahrain).

26 Oct
  • Removed provisioning limits for customer provider accounts (enterprise).
  • Fixed an issue on the console where 404s returned raw HTML.
  • Users can now request for SSO and obtain SAML 2.0 configuration details through the Instaclustr Console.

21 Oct
  • Fixed the issue that ickafka user’s password could not be reset immediately after the cluster reaches running state.

15 Oct
  • Added new custom heroku plan in Frankfurt with 6 i3en.xlarge nodes

14 Oct
  • Enable China region for contracted customers.

13 Oct
  • New Cassandra versions 2.1.22 and 4.0-beta2 have been released. 2.1.22 is only available upon request.

6 Oct
  • Added ‘Active Connector’ page in console for managing Kafka Connect connectors.

1 Oct
  • Kafka Rest proxy and Kafka Schema registry user passwords are now configurable through Dashboard kafka users view.
  • Added OpenID Connect (OIDC) support for Elasticsearch clusters to facilitate Single Sign-On (SSO) for Kibana.
  • Redis backup supported on Azure and GCP.

September 2020

30 Sep
  • Adding an EBS Encryption Key now requires the Provider Account to be specified. Existing EBS Encryption Keys have been added to all Provider Accounts.

29 Sep
  • Updated available Cassandra version from 2.2.15 to 2.2.18
  • Optimised configuration for Redis

28 Sep
  • Added new metrics to replace old metrics that are now deprecated.

    New metrics:

    Deprecated metrics:

    Those metrics on the dashboard has been updated to display the new metrics as well.

23 Sep
  • Fixed bug on Connection Info page when Schema registry add-on is included in the cluster.

18 Sep
  • Azure Availability improvements for Elasticsearch clusters.

17 Sep
  • Resolved MFA issues on SSO enabled accounts – Owner users can enable MFA through their user settings page, and non-Owner users will no longer be redirected to a 404 page for MFA registration.
  • Allowed creation of Kafka Cluster with dedicated zookeeper nodes.

16 Sep
  • Added a validation to prevent creating a VPC peering request with an overlapping subnet with the Cluster Data Centre.
  • Added a validation in provisioning API to check the VPC Peering Connection UUID.

15 Sep
  • Add provisioning support in Switzerland North (Zurich) region for Azure.
  • Provisioning with Debian 9.13 for new nodes.
  • Existing kafka connect trusted cluster feature has been extended to client encryption disabled clusters and renamed to connected clusters.
  • Replacing the Cassandra R4 node size with the R5 node size in SA_EAST_1 AWS region.

14 Sep
  • Released managed mirroring of Kafka clusters using Kafka Connect and Mirror Maker 2
  • Optimised kernel settings for Redis.

11 Sep
  • Minor change to API to improve testability.
  • Released managed mirroring of Kafka clusters using Kafka Connect and Mirror Maker 2

9 Sep
  • Improved performance when changing custom ending time for metrics.
  • Fixed the ‘Need more info’ link on the account security page.

7 Sep
  • Removed r4 Node sizes from cluster creation for Redis.

3 Sep
  • Fixed an issue with certificate renewal for Kafka Schema Registry and Spark Jobserver
  • Added Redis provisioning capabilities to the Terraform Provider.

1 Sep
  • Updated the Elasticsearch e::docsCount monitoring API metric to exclude documents from indices used to calculate SLA metrics.

August 2020

28 Aug
  • Fixed an issue with provisioning large clusters on AWS

27 Aug
  • Making the azure node size D15_v2 available in SOUTH_CENTRAL_US
  • Added an endpoint that returns the details of the authenticated API user at
  • Fixed a console bug when a user tries to log in without any linked accounts.

26 Aug
  • Added additional metrics for garbage collection and memory usage.
  • Redis: Added ACL support
  • Redis: Added the ability to create a cluster without authentication

25 Aug
  • Implemented additional monitoring to alert on potentially unhealthy Cassandra clusters

24 Aug
  • Released support for setting up Mirror Maker 2 connectors via the console.
  • Released Kafka 2.5.1 and Kafka Connect 2.5.1, new metrics related to the new versions are being rolled out progressively.
  • Fixed an issue on the following pages not showing the node IP addresses for private clusters – Cluster Summary, Metrics Lists, Metrics Graphs

18 Aug
  • Add support for Redis backups on AWS.
  • Redis node sizes added to the pricing page.
  • Add support document links on Redis metrics page on dashboard.

17 Aug
  • Redesigned the header used in the Sign Up page.
  • Expanding AWS region support for Canada-Central, Paris, Stockholm, Hong Kong, and Seoul

14 Aug
  • Fixed an issue when displaying Cassandra table metrics in the Dashboard.

12 Aug
  • Added Client Encryption capabilities for Redis clusters to the Provisioning API.

11 Aug
  • Cassandra 4.0 beta1 has been released for preview.
  • Resolved VPC peering connectivity issue

10 Aug
  • Updated Redis Cluster creation to ensure Master and Replica nodes are split across racks as efficiently as possible.
  • Added support for GCP europe-west6(Zurich) region.
  • Reinstated the display of metrics for replaced nodes in the Dashboard.

6 Aug
  • Automated deployment of scanning agents on PCI clusters.

4 Aug
  • Update node replace to notify staff if backup has failed.

July 2020

30 July
  • Enabled provisioning PCI compliant clusters with public IP.
  • Added a new status property “cdcStatus” for cluster data centres to the cluster status API request.
  • Released Azure VM types L8s and D15v2 with local storage

28 July
  • Added support for optional Redis client encryption

27 July
  • Released support for general shipping of application logs to Kafka clusters

23 July
  • Instance store node types added to Elasticsearch in AWS.
  • n::nodeStatus marked as deprecated

22 July
  • Custom node type for specific customer.

21 July
  • Included pre-built ElasticSearch connector in our Kafka Connect image.

20 July
  • Added encryption for Azure temporary storage on L8s and D15_v2 nodes (Azure default encryption doesn’t cover temporary storage), these sizes are available only upon request.

  • Released functionality to configure a truststore within a Kafka Connect cluster to trust other instaclustr managed clusters.

  • Two Factor Delete is now configurable with the cluster provisioning API endpoint and the introduction of a new cluster update API endpoint that supports Two Factor Delete.
  • Fixed missing connector dependency in Apache Zeppelin image
  • Simplified the dashboard view for customers with large number of clusters

16 July
  • Opendistro-for-Elasticsearch 1.8.0 and Kibana 1.8.0 are now available
  • Turn on failure listener feature for open distro for elasticsearch with security plugin
  • Elasticsearch automated backup frequency changed from once every 24 hours to once every 1 hour

14 July
  • Added additional http security headers to the instaclustr console

13 July
  • Fixed an issue causing errors when using the Provisioning API to add encryption keys for some AWS regions.

09 July
  • Released Kibana for Open-Distro Elasticsearch.
  • Fixed an issue that caused misleading errors when attempting to delete non-existent encryption keys via the Provisioning API and Dashboard.
  • Updated the Dashboard so that metrics for replaced nodes are now displayed.

08 July
  • Changed IDS logs to group by customer clusters.
  • Updates to node security.
  • Updating aliases on nodes for ease of use on PCI clusters
  • Added extra logging to metrics collector on nodes
  • Fixed an issue where the following non-PCI verified add-ons could be included when provisioning a PCI compliant cluster : Kafka Rest Proxy, Kafka Schema Registry, Cassandra Lucene Index Plugin
  • Create Firewall Rules API Endpoint is updated with creating firewall rules mapped by AWS security group ID. With the new changes, the user can create, delete, and list firewall rules for AWS security group ID as well.

07 July
  • Elasticsearch restore enabled from Provisioning API for customers.
  • Elasticsearch restore enabled from the Dashboard for customers.
  • Updating aliases on nodes for ease of use on PCI clusters
  • Added extra logging to metrics collector on nodes

02 July
  • Introduce new metrics for kafka topic message distribution including, outliers with respect to number of messages in partitions within a topic using the MADe method and the standard deviation for the partition message counts as a measure of dispersion. These metrics will be enabled gradually across clusters

01 July
  • Implemented latency and memory metric collection for Redis cluster

02 July
  • Fixed memory available unit in monitoring metrics
  • Added Kafka Connect plugins for the communication between Kafka and Cassandra.

June 2020

26 June
  • Added Azure L8s and D15_v2 node sizes using temporary storage for a customer.

25 June
  • Bug fix causing node replace to fail for clusters that use private broadcast.
  • Fixed a bug in the provisioning api firewall rules endpoint.

23 June
  • Fixed the issue that provisioning API falsely reports CDC configurations of Kafka clusters.
  • Removed broker_encryption from the example of provisioning API support doc.

22 June
  • Added additional infrastructure monitoring metrics.
  • Improved reliability of IDS system.
  • Introduction of a new user management API to change user roles.

18 June
  • Fixed an issue with the encryption-keys endpoint that was causing timeouts and variability in response times.

17 June
  • Released Kafka broker level Fetcher Lag metrics via the API and Dashboard. This metric will be enabled progressively on clusters.
  • Released the functionality for adding nodes to KafkaConnect clusters, through the console.

16 June
  • Elasticsearch on GCP and Azure has been released.
  • Elasticsearch backup enabled from the dashboard for customers.
  • Elasticsearch backup supported using provisioning API.
  • Stop collecting task level error metrics for deleted connectors and tasks.
  • Fixed an issue in AWS Kafka-Connect nodes reporting incorrect values for Leader State metric

12 June
  • Added Custom Heroku plans for customer.

11 June
  • Updates to the sign-on page that will see a shift to a 2-stage login and preparations for customer facing security enhancements to be rolled out in the coming months.

09 June
  • Adding differential graphs

04 June
  • Kafka Connect general availability released
  • Support for Kafka Connect 2.4.1 released
  • Fixed an issue with the provisioning API’s describe-options endpoint.
  • Bug fix: Do not trigger monitoring alerts for cluster state when Redis cluster is still being provisioned
  • Updated Redis Preview to 6.0.4
  • Introduced c5 instance types (c5.xlarge, c5.2xlarge, c5.4xlarge) for Kafka offerings

03 June
  • Extended Same Vpc Restores to determine next available vpc cidr block.

02 June
  • Removed support for creating Cassandra cluster with Zeppelin through the console
  • Updated Redis node size pricing for GCP and Azure
  • Restored Full Chain Certificates

May 2020

29 May
  • Changes to instaclustr kafka connect aws storage connector plugins including fixes to config error reporting, bug fixes to source connector, and capability to specify AWS region for s3 clients.

28 May
  • Resolved an issue when creating a Redis cluster on the console
  • Added more Kafka metrics (RequestsPerSec and ControlPlaneNetworkProcessorAvgIdlePercent), and the number of sockets on CLOSE-WAIT status.

27 May
  • Added Kafka connect availability metrics.
  • Improve add nodes page for Redis cluster, to let users configure master and replica nodes separately.
  • Improved help context for connecting to Elasticsearch clusters.

25 May
  • Fixed issue with provisioning redis clusters
  • Added links to support documentation for client connection metrics.
  • Added rest proxy and schema registry DNS to connect to node via private IPs.
  • Enabled node provisioning with Debian OS by default.
  • Removed the deprecated option ‘backupEnabled’ from Provisioning API. Please see Provisioning API support doc for further details.

22 May
  • Added more node types for running Kafka Connect in the AWS and Azure.
  • Improved memory allocation for Kafka Connect nodes during cluster creation.
  • Fixed an issue with the provisioning API’s describe-options endpoint.

21 May
  • Replaced Heroku t2 plans with t3 plans

18 May
  • Released Apache Cassandra
  • Added RequestDiscarded and PausedConnections metrics to Cassandra

14 May
  • Redis Public Preview is available to provision

13 May
  • Added Kafka Connect Task Level metric collection and exposing via instaclustr monitoring API. This feature will be gradually enabled in clusters. Refer for metric definitions

12 May
  • Added feature to allow Kafka Connect logs to be shipped to a connected Instaclustr Kafka Cluster.
  • Updated pricing information for Elasticsearch.

6 May
  • Released updates to node security.

5 May
  • Changed Native Transport Request’s Total Blocked graph to Differential Blocked Tasks.

4 May
  • Added support for running Kafka on r5 nodes in the AWS SA_EAST_1.
  • Disabled support for running Kafka on r4 nodes in the AWS SA_EAST_1.

April 2020

30 April
  • c5d.2xl has been added to AP_SOUTH_1 region.

29 April
  • Released Kafka 2.4.1.

24 April
  • Updated validation error messages for Kafka Connect cluster creation request
  • Kafka Connect Azure preview support released.

23 April
  • Released updates to node security

14 April
  • Support new functionality on console and provisioning API to provision the Kafka Connect cluster into the same AWS VPC as the target Kafka cluster.
  • Add restrictions on cluster deletion feature to not allow deletion of a Kafka cluster, if it has a dependent Kafka Connect cluster.
  • Additional validation checks implemented for Kafka Connect cluster create request.
  • Fixed a bug where the default node size was not set correctly on the create cluster and add datacentre pages.

06 April
  • Added more frequent sampling of dynamic metrics to our internal monitoring system.

March 2020

27 March
  • Elasticsearch GA released which contains several features and upgrades, such as:
    • Support for Opendistro for Elasticsearch v1.4.0.
    • Support for Dedicated Master nodes.-
    • SLA metrics and related alerts.
    • Cluster provisioning and metrics collection through API.
    • Support for Opendistro for Elasticsearch Security Plugin.

26 March
  • Instaclustr s3 storage connector v0.1.0 released as an inbuilt kafka connect connector plugin
  • Creation of PCI enabled clusters enforces Password Authentication, User Authorization and Client-Node encryption

19 March
  • Kafka Connect connector plugins that are available for your cluster is now visible from the console.
  • Added ability to view Leader state for Kafka Connect clusters on the Dashboard for periods longer than 1 hour.

11 March
  • Made VPC Peering mandatory for Kafka Connect clusters pointing to a Kafka cluster with Private IP’s only add-on.
  • Made VPC Peering the default option for Kafka Connect clusters when possible.

05 March
  • TCP socket and file descriptor information metrics added to the monitoring API.
  • Kafka detailed request and response processing time metrics and flush latency metrics added to the monitoring API.

04 March
  • Give feedback to user when creating a Kafka Connect cluster with invalid Custom Connector properties.

  • Provide warning of financial/latency impact when creating Kafka Connect cluster pointing to Kafka cluster in different region/provider.

  • Added HTTP API call to sync Kafka Connect Cluster plugins.

03 March
  • Standardized database role permissions

February 2020

25 February
  • Cassandra 4.0 Alpha3 has been released for preview.

19 February
  • Updates to node security
  • Release the ability to create PCI compliant clusters via the API and Console

18 February
  • New Feature : Kafka Connect Managed Service (Preview Release) – Support Documentation
    • Support on AWS (Support for other providers coming soon).
    • Run in our cloud provider account with a fixed, infrastructure inclusive, cost or use your own cloud provider account
    • Provision, configure and monitor your cluster using the Instaclustr Console and API.
    • BYO Connectors, customers can bring in their own connectors
    • Highly responsive, enterprise-grade, 24×7 support from Instaclustr’s renowned support team.

16 February
  • Released Cassandra versions 3.0.19 and 2.2.15

14 February
  • Improvements to cluster alerting

12 February
  • Made Kafka Topics sorted in Metrics page in Dashboard
  • Updated signup form to not autofill invalid characters into the username field
  • Fixed race condition that caused signup emails to not always be sent.

New Feature: Elasticsearch Managed Service (Preview Release)

Instaclustr’s Managed Elasticsearch provides the following management features:

  • Support on AWS (Support for other providers coming soon).
  • Run in our cloud provider account with a fixed, infrastructure inclusive, cost or use your own cloud provider account
  • Provision, configure and monitor your cluster using the Instaclustr Console.
  • Management of access via IP ranges or security groups.
  • Option of connection to your cluster using public IPs or private IPs and VPC peering.
  • Private network clusters with no public IPs.
  • SOC2 certification will be introduced in Generally Available (GA) release
  • Highly responsive, enterprise-grade, 24×7 support from Instaclustr’s renowned support team.

10 February
  • Disable deprecated t2, m4, and r4 node sizes
  • Add M5 node size to Sydney
  • Support R5 node size in Sydney
  • Remove Cassandra 2.1 for new clusters

5 February
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 2-factor delete flag not to be displayed immediately after changing its value on the cluster settings page.
  • Fixed a console bug that Cassandra client encryption selection is not honoured when creating clusters.

3 February
  • Fixed a bug that Spark and/or Zeppelin can’t be enabled when adding a new datacentre to an existing cluster.
  • Added new metrics to the api and dashboard. The new metrics added include Network, Memory, Additional CPU and Kafka Garbage collection metrics.

January 2020

29 January
  • Added additional logging for our spark offering

28 January
  • Updated formatting of slaTier return result from the cluster info request. “Non-Production” -> “NON_PRODUCTION”

20 January
  • Added new repair operations for our Cassandra Clusters

13 January
  • Fixed issue that cause password expiry password reset to fail when there was a case mismatch.

December 2019

16 December
  • Fixed state filtering on Cluster Health page
  • Monitoring API bug fixes.
  • Fix JS error that occurred when selecting Elasticsearch on the create cluster page.

12 December
  • Fixed data centre network info not showing on the console
  • Increased system node security
  • Fixed issue with Zookeeper allocation in Azure regions with 2 fault domains
  • Creation options for Kafka clusters made visible in the console

6 December
  • Released the updates to node security

5 December
  • Added disk usage per topic metric for Kafka clusters

3 December
  • Minor updates to internal log aggregation policies

November 2019

27 November
  • Added ability to create Kafka users with reduced initial permission sets
  • Fixed error in cluster 2FA deletion request

25 November
  • Database migration and improvements to infrastructure

22 November
  • Fix icons not loading on Dashboard pages

21 November
  • Released support for Kafka 2.3.1

07 November
  • Increased free trial period to 30 days.

06 November
  • Updated account security restrictions to apply to users when they are accessing any page including other accounts

October 2019

31 October
  • Updated code examples on the dashboard for connecting to Cassandra

28 October
  • Improvements to internal Monitoring System
  • Improvements to Gateway Operations

23 October
  • Cassandra hinted handoff metrics released to API and Instaclustr console

23 October
  • Updated UI to reflect multiple free trial clusters
  • Added some additional security mechanisms to our managed service
  • Added some additional support logging for our managed service

21 October
  • Bug fix to the output of node status values in monitoring API.
  • Applied CIS recommendation for network configuration.
  • Added banner with a warning message to be displayed when a node is logged into.

17 October
  • Fix signup button not working when redirect from invitation email.
  • Users who sign up with non-work related emails with coupons can provision free-trial clusters.
  • Updated coupons to be able to add extra free trial clusters.
  • Fix signup button not working when redirect from invitation email.
  • Improved cookie security for Heroku SSO logins.

14 October
  • Fix the prematurely session timing out when not all the accounts linked to user have session timing out option enabled.
  • Added additional security mechanisms to our Apache Cassandra managed service.

10 October
  • Make available hostname validation for secure connection to Cassandra cluster
  • Enforce TLSv1.2 or above on dashboard and API endpoints.

8 October
  • Implementing hardening procedures for customer nodes
  • PCI compliant SSH connection configured in nodes
  • Updated expiry of old users from accounts to apply on a schedule and not on login
  • Added maximum length validation on String based input fields

3 October
  • Standardised user setup on management instances

1 October
  • Fixed invited users unable to signup bug

September 2019

30 September
  • Fixed issue with production of snappy and zstd Kafka messages

23 September
  • Fixed handling of configs when creating topics with the tool

19 September
  • Released support for Kafka 2.3.0

17 September
  • Released kafka consumer lag monitoring feature. The metrics are reachable through the instaclustr dashboard and the monitoring API

16 September
  • Updated CoreOS version on nodes to 2191.4.1

13 September
  • Fixed bug related to Javascript loading

10 September
  • Removed unused filesystem and protocol support (PCI compliance)

9 September
  • Improve signup page UI/UX

5 September
  • New Kafka and Zookeeper instances moved to JRE 11

3 September
  • Added a Download Full Log to the spark worker log page that downloads the complete log file.

2 September
  • Introduced new hardening procedures on customer nodes

August 2019

28 August
  • Some enhancements on the Prometheus API support

19 August
  • Added support for new AWS instance type – R5 for Kafka
  • Added support for new AWS instance type – i3en.xlarge in selected regions

12 August
  • AWS T3 instances made available for both Cassandra and Kafka in all supported regions.
  • Released a patch for a bug in Cassandra which can cause nodes to join or replace without data

07 August
  • Added hyperlinks to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the signup page
  • Added Prometheus support to Monitoring API
  • Added compatibility for Spark 2.1.3 including Spark Jobserver to Cassandra 3.11.4

06 August
  • Fixed ic-kafka-topics tool to prevent it from printing out properties when used

05 August
  • Updated disclaimer texts and removed Elasticsearch EAP text
  • Updated Kubernetes Service Broker to return cluster authentication credentials for Service Binding

01 August
  • Introducing new AWS availability zones to London, Tokyo and Singapore

July 2019

31 July
  • Updated CoreOS version on nodes.

24 July
  • Node size m5 is now available in all the regions except Sydney. Node size m4 instead of m5 is available in Sydney region.

23 July
  • Added new features to the cluster restore operation

22 July
  • Making cassandra secondary indexes get backed up and restored

18 July
  • Deprecated creation of Kafka clusters below version 2.1.1
  • Enhanced console error handling for metrics graph display.

17 July
  • Updated token allocation for new clusters with Lucene enabled

15 July
  • Updates to the node security

12 July
  • Bug fix for enabling Lucene on new DCs.

08 July
  • Added support for new AWS instance type – r5.

03 July
  • Bug fix for adding data centres to existing private network clusters.

02 July
  • Improve display of read and write latency graphs in console
  • Pricing update

01 July
  • Hide add-ons not supported for Kafka during provisioning.

June 2019

27 June
  • Fixed console bug to correctly display Broadcast Private Address for Private Network Clusters.
  • Exposed 99th Percentile metric for Cassandra Client Read and Write to Console
  • Added support for customers to provision a cluster or data centre into a custom Vpc in AWS

26 June
  • Updated Internal Metrics Collection

17 June
  • Bug fix for handling of node allocation in two-rack Azure regions.

13 June
  • Allowing altering of Apache Kafka ACLs.

12 June
  • Adding the storage volume type for each SSD.

11 June
  • Added support for new AWS instance type – m5

05 June
  • Fixed the bug that displayed ‘free-trial expired’ warning for accounts with valid billing details.

May 2019

29 May
  • Added AWS c5d.2xlarge node size to Tokyo region
  • Moved ‘Instaclustr’ account to the bottom of Provider Accounts dropdown list in console for RIYOA customers

23 May
  • Released support for Kafka 2.1.1

21 May
  • Fixed default behaviour of UnderMinIsr alerts. Support of raising UnderMinIsr alerts by adding configuration at Topic level
  • Kafka client tool updated to version 2.1
  • Added kubernetes service broker support – see our support page

20 May
  • Added validation for maximum number of nodes per rack to the console

13 May
  • Release Zookeeper 3.4.14 for kafka

9 May
  • Add option to ignore backups from specific node backups when performing a restore

8 May
  • Updates to node security

2 May
  • Introduced throttling of newly replaced Kafka brokers to improve performance of running clusters

April 2019

30 April
  • Removed Kafka ISR Shrink/Expand Mean rate from Monitoring.

23 April
  • Released Instaclustr-Support role functionality for better customer support and security.

17 April
  • Fixed niche case of backup fails hanging indefinitely
  • Fixed GCP backups failing in certain cases due to table size

16 April
  • Fixed bug causing user to be unable to select node sizes when adding a new data centre to an existing cluster.

15 April
  • Updated control system to not start node if a restore has failed.

11 April
  • Added i3.xl and i3.2xl instance offerings for Kakfa.
  • Converted AWS Kafka offerings to GP2 EBS.
  • Upgraded the base operating system.
1 April
  • Updated example Kafka connection settings provided on the console.
  • Corrected out of date ‘Suggested fix’ information on the console cluster health metrics page
  • Add option to create cluster with either production or non-production tag through console and API.

March 2019

29 March
  • Fixed bug that caused custom tagging to not be applied to AWS instances.
28 March
  • Added Cassandra 3.11.4, 3.0.18, 2.2.14, and 2.1.21
25 March
  • Updated Price and Features tab with relevant messages
19 March
  • Fixed problem creating m4l-250 sized clusters with the provisioning API.
4 March
  • Increased robustness of Kafka node reboots.

February 2019

28 February
  • Implemented on-creation tagging for AWS EC2 Instances and EBS Volumes.
  • Updated disk size of selected AWS instances.
27 February
  • Fixed the private IP cluster gateway’s SSH failure.
25 February
  • Release Spark 2.3.2 and Zeppelin 0.8.0 with Spark 2.3.2
21 February
  • Bug fix for adding multiple datacentres to some cluster bundles.
  • Bug fixes for some links in Spark UI.
  • Made the Kafka Rest Proxy offering available for our customers.
  • Releasing the whitelist updates.
  • Tuning of Kafka alert thresholds.
18 February
  • Added support for Azure US West 2 (Washington) region.
11 February
  • Fixed internal bug causing transitions from DSE to Cassandra to fail.
  • Updated text on the console’s signup page.
7 February
  • Fixed rendering issue for emails notifying a customer a cluster resize was finished.
  • Cluster deletion verification email sent to contact from 2FA cluster settings.
5 February
  • Fixed bug in restoring from clusters with large numbers of commit logs
  • Added auto-cleanup for dangling snapshots from interrupted backups

January 2019

31 January
  • Fix to internal management tooling
23 January
  • Introduced a toggle switch for monitoring pages to switch the displaying node IP addresses between private and public addresses.
21  January
  • Updates to Node Security
  • Standardised out-of-memory error handling
  • Improved configurability of Kafka images with new versions: apache-kafka:1.1.0.ic2, apache-kafka:2.0.0.ic1, apache-kafka:2.0.1.ic1, and apache-kafka:2.1.0.ic1

14  January
  • Fixed a rare provisioning issue
  • Fixed a rare restore from backup issue

9  January
  • Added support for on-premises clusters

2 January
  • Resolved not being able to resize a datacenter with keyspace replication factors larger than the rack count using the dashboard

December 2018

17 December
  • Bug fix for accepting an account invite, if the user does not already exist

12 December
  • Updates to node security

4 December
  • Fixed the issue that valid security group ID’s are not passing Console’s input validation

November 2018

28 November
  • Improved support for clusters with large numbers of firewall rules in AWS

26 November
  • Added support for provisioning Kafka 2.1.0 and 2.0.1 clusters
  • Added missing Kafka node sizes in Azure US East 2 region
  • Added refresh button to graphs on Monitoring/Metrics Graphs page
  • Improved scaling and alignment of metric graphs

22 November
  • Fixed certificate download URL returned by API request
  • Fixed Spark UI display issue

19 November
  • Added support for provisioning Kafka 2.0 clusters

13 November
  • Fixed Spark master assignment issue when adding nodes to a cluster

6 November
  • Set new Cassandra 3 clusters to use 16 vNodes by default
  • Updates to monitoring
  • Updates to node security

October 2018

29 October
  • Allowed custom config to be applied to clusters with nodes that are not yet running
  • Update Jackson Databind library version to resolve vulnerability issue

23 October
  • Increase resilience and capacity of internal messaging service

16 October
  • Update names of read/write metrics in console to be clearer
  • Released Cassandra 3.11.3 , 3.0.17 and 2.2.13

12 October
  • Updated available versions of Spark and Spark Jobserver to 2.1.3 and 0.8.0

11 October
  • Improve instructions regarding new password restrictions

8 October
  • Added support for 11 new regions in Google Cloud Platform
  • Restricted Spark and Zeppelin add-ons from being used on developer size nodes in GCP
  • Fixed issues with provisioning large Kakfa clusters in GCP
  • Fixed an issue with bundle selection on the Console

2 October
  • Improved backup stability on clusters with large number of sstables
  • Updates to node security
  • Removed support for creating Elassandra clusters from console and API

September 2018

25 September
  • Fixed an issue where VPC peering connections are not created correctly when trying to create multiple peering connections on the console
  • Implemented better handling of ad-hoc AWS provisioning failures

20 September
  • Updated Instaclustr logos on the Console

17 September
  • Improvements to Node Security

10 September
  • Fixed issue with Zeppelin Spark interpreter not displaying exceptions

5 September
  • Changed the category for c5d nodes from ‘Production Special’ to ‘Production’

4 September
  • Fix problem with restoring replaced nodes to a point in time before they were replaced
  • Fix issues with replacing some Kafka nodes
  • Fix issue with replacing Zeppelin or Spark Jobserver nodes

August 2018

30 August
  • Updates to node security
  • Fixed ‘Page Not Found’ issue on Console
  • Fixed monitoring page on Console

29 August
  • Improvements to internal logging

27 August
  • Introduced AWS c5d.2xlarge node size with NVME storage
  • Retired AWS c3.2xlarge node size

23 August
  • Removed security vulnerability in Dashboard to Zendesk SSO
  • Fixed provisioning issue

22 August
  • Improved provisioning error handling

21 August
  • Console is compliant with GDPR

15 August
  • Fixed a bug in the provisioning API that caused duplicate clusters to be listed in some situations

14 August
  • Fixed issues with validations in VPC Peering requests
  • Fixed node sizes on ‘create cluster’ page not updating properly after changing the data centre location
  • Fixed cluster disk health message to accurately show percentage of disk used
  • Fixed create cluster page to correctly display the spark and zeppelin versions available for provisioning

13 August
  • Improve automatic handling of system_auth keyspace replication

9 August
  • Improvements to security auditing capabilities and internal operations visibility
  • Improved internal monitoring tooling.

8 August
  • Improvements to internal Cassandra testing
  • Users are able to receive T&C updates on console
  • Minor console UI improvements on signup and cluster creation page

7 August
  • Reliability improvements to logging infrastructure

1 August
  • Updates to node security

July 2018

31 July
  • Bug fix in Kafka metrics alerting threshold
  • Fix to node management internal tooling

30 July
  • Scaled internal monitoring systems
  • Added additional metrics for cluster management & monitoring

25 July
  • Fixed the inconsistent ordering in pricing page.
  • Added extra validation to username, company name and phone number fields on account creation page.
  • Disabled the ability to provision Elassandra on t2.small node size.
  • Disabled Elassandra for console and API.
  • Enabled various Cassandra ThreadPool metrics for Console and Monitoring API, including Read stage, Native Transport Requests, Mutation Stage, Counter Mutation Stage, View Mutation Stage, RPC Thread and Total Dropped Messages.
  • Fixed 500 error on Spark worker page.

17 July
  • Fixed Console impersonation bug
  • Fixed provisioning issue with some older Cassandra versions

16 July
  • Added User management UI for Kafka clusters
  • Fixed node size display ordering issue
  • Removed deprecated node sizes from Console
  • Removed ability to enable client encryption for developer sizes
  • Clicking on graphs in Cluster Summary page now takes users to Metrics Graph page instead of 404
  • Updated Console to display correct memory amount for GCP n1-highmem-2 nodes

10 July
  • Add support for Cross Region VPC peering through Dashboard and API
  • Improved VPC peering reliability
  • Updated IBM Softlayer to its rebranded name: IBM Cloud
  • Updated provider logos for AWS and GCP

04 July
  • Improved restore process for deleted clusters

03 July
  • Updates to node security

02 July
  • Update Kafka connection information on the Console
  • Fixed issue when the user chooses not to create a firewall rule when creating a Cassandra cluster but a firewall rule is still created
  • Disabled adding nodes to cluster for users with no billing details
  • Fixed issue where customers are unable to select EBS encryption keys on the console for non EBS-backed node sizes
  • Fixed issue where a wrong network is suggested when trying to add cluster data centre to an existing cluster
  • Updated instance system kernel settings for better performace
  • Fixed issue of accumulated MigrationStages when cluster is under load
  • Improved bootstrap logic for node-agent
  • Add timestamp to bash history for internal TechOps

June 2018

28 June

26 June
  • Apache Cassandra is now available

  • Updates to Kafka release including:
    • Synthetic Transaction monitoring
    • Per-Topic metrics
    • Exposing additional configuration options
    • Zookeeper backups
    • SSL broker-to-broker encryption is now required on all clusters

21 June
  • Optimized metric calculation

20 June
  • Updates to node security

19 June
  • Increased reliability of provisioning large (50 nodes or more) clusters
    Fixed issue affecting cluster deletion for instances provisioned on GCP

13 June
  • Minor improvement to internal management tooling

  • Bug Fix: Ignore aborted requests from user interaction

  • Fixed console display of incorrect pricing

12 June
  • Update internal security functionality
  • Improved formatting of internal audit messages

May 2018

31 May
  • Fixed password change emails not being sent sometimes
  • Added emergency contact field in Account Details on console. Customers can now optionally specify seperate email addresses for emergency contact

29 May

Additional new Instaclustr security features that can be optionally enabled:

  • User Expiration – Unused User Accounts will be expired after inactivity for 90 days.
  • Password Expiration – Passwords expire after 90 days.
  • Account Enforced MFA – Accounts with the feature enabled require MFA.
  • Session Management – User sessions timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity and have a total session time of 30 minutes.

24 May
  • Remove support for provisioning new Scylla clusters
  • Ended beta status for the Private Network Clusters add-on
  • Update account creation page for GDPR compliance
  • Fix minor console bugs with VPC peering

21 May

New Feature: Kafka Managed Service (Preview Release)

Instaclustr’s Managed Apache Kafka provides the following management features:

  • Support on AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM cloud
  • Automated provisioning and configuration of clusters with Kafka and Zookeeper
  • Run in our cloud provider account with a fixed, infrastructure inclusive, cost or use your own cloud provider account
  • Provision, configure and monitor your cluster using the Instaclustr Console or REST APIs.
  • Management of access via IP ranges or security groups.
  • Option of connection to your cluster using public IPs or private IPs and VPC peering.
  • Private network clusters with no public IPs.
  • SOC2 certification will be introduced in Generally Available (GA) release
  • Highly responsive, enterprise-grade, 24×7 support from Instaclustr’s renowned support team.

15 May
  • Fixed issue relating to adding data centers to some clusters

08 May
  • Support for Cassandra 3.11.2 and 3.0.16

April 2018

24 April
  • Fixed ordering of node sizes on dashboard

23 April
  • Minor bug fix to configuration deployment

17 April
  • Major upgrade to internal tooling

10 April
  • Updates to node security

  • Restore API now returns the ID of the new cluster

5 April
  • Fix for minor bugs affecting some password resets and user invitations

  • Fix Pagerduty alert issue
  • Improvements to internal Monitoring Application and Alerting

3 April
  • Added new node administration feature for use by Operations team
  • Fixed issue affecting future certificate renewals

March 2018

29 March

27 March
  • Fix to Azure rack allocation calculation

26 March
  • Updates to Internal Monitoring System

22 March
  • Adding support for Elassandra (Cassandra 3.11.2 + Elasticsearch 5.5). Compatible with Spark 2.1.1
  • Updated Kibana monitoring timeout for new version

21 March
  • Fixed provisioning bug affecting provisioning new clusters in Google Cloud Platform

20 March
  • Improvements to cluster health check

15 March
  • Minor bug fix to provisioning and monitoring

  • Fix to internal monitoring system

13 March
  • Updated Azure pricing

8 March
  • Provide more informative error messages when failing to provision custom firewall rules

5 March
  • Minor internal alerting fix
  • Fixed backups list pagination on “Restore Cluster” page
  • Updated introduction text on the “Sign Up” page

1 March
  • Improved data centre joining and migration processes

February 2018

28 February
  • Infrastructure maintenance

22 February
  • Upgraded system to use Latest Pagerduty API

 20 February
  • Fixed a node replacement issue with older nodes

  • Improved two-step cluster deletion procedure

15 February
  • Upgrade to internal fleet monitoring tools
  • Resolved issues preventing provisioning of AWS i3.2xlarge in US_EAST2, EU_WEST_2 & AP_SOUTH_1

 12 February
  • Cassandra sidecar has been replaced by a generic sidecar module
  • Fixes to fleet logging

 7 February
  • Add additional monitoring checks to Instaclustr API

1 February

January 2018

30 January
  • Fix issue which would cause Elassandra root volume to fill under certain conditions.

18 January
  • Minor Console UI fixes.

8 January
  • Changes required to support most recent CoreOS version.

December 2017

20 December
  • Updated node security

19 December
  • Removed option to create new clusters based on AWS m3.xlarge

15 December
  • Centralised logging systems improvements to better work with NTP servers.

12 December
  • Adds 99th percentile client latency metrics to the monitoring API

November 2017

28 November
  • System updates to improve internal functionality of the cluster restore feature.
  • Adds support for logical racks

27  November
  • All Azure clusters will now use Premium Managed Disks with Storage Service Encryption for data at rest.

20 November
  • Displays CASRead, CASWrite and RangeSlice metrics on Console
  • Adds API Support for CASRead, CASWrite and RangeSlice metrics.
  • New look and feel for support articles
  • Added a new email template for customer, whose free trial expires in one day and has filled billing details.

15 November
  • Fix to certificate renewal process

 13 November
  • Support for AWS i3.2xlarge
  • Fix error on Instaclustr Console Spark page
  • Fix to cluster deletion process

02 November
  • Minor Console UI changes

01 November
  • Minor stability improvements to Monitoring API

October 2017

30 October
  • Support for Cassandra 3.11.1, 3.0.15, 2.2.11 and 2.1.19

25 October
  • Bug Fix: Monitoring API  metrics return 0.0 instead of NaN

24 October
  • New Feature: Private Network Cluster (Beta)

September 2017

22 September
  • New Feature: AWS SaaS Marketplace based billing

11 September
  • Minor fix to Free Trials
  • Improve node Security

4 September
  • Minor bug fixes to backups

August 2017

31 August
  • Resizeable nodes improvements
    • Updates to default node provisioning limits
    • M4-l Resizeable nodes removed
    • Resizeable nodes added to EU_WEST_2
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed autocompleting 2FA/TOTP codes on login page.

30 August
  • Updated branding on selected customer communications.

28 August
  • Changes done to enable Broadcast Private IP for Azure -> RIYOA
  • Removed redundant Free Trial information when clusters are provisioned with RIYOA

25 August
  • Fixed bugs of storage permissions in backup process

24 August
  • Added options to choose custom subnet when creating or adding a data centre

22 August
  • Monitoring API updates
    • Changed metrics limits in a single monitoring api call to 20
    • Restored missing metrics incorrectly removed in previous deployment

21 August
  • Console and Monitoring API improvements
    • Fixed a bug preventing display of metrics for materialised views
    • Fixed a bug preventing display of certain latency metrics in Cassandra 3.11

17 August
  • Monitoring improvements
    • Added monitoring for Kibana

15 August
  • Minor improvements to restore process

2 August
  • Cassandra version update
    • Added support for Cassandra 3.0.14

July 2017

31 July
  • Console Improvements
    • Handle lack of certificates on the console
    • Handle bad Zeppelin link
    • Properly handle bundle versions selection

27 July
  • Certificate Management
    • Fix in certificate renewal process

24 July
  • Scylla 1.7.2
    • Added support as a preview release

20 July
  • Certificate Management
    • Fix in certificate revocation process

19 July
  • Metric Collection
    • Added configurable options for SLA metric collections

14 July

13 July
  • Cassandra version update
    • Added support for Cassandra 3.11, Cassandra 2.1.18 and Cassandra 2.2.10

11 July
  • Console Graph Improvements
    • Customers can now multi-select nodes on the Cluster Summary and Metric Graphs pages
    • Tooltip values are sorted, showing you the highest and lowest 5 nodes for a metric at any point in time
    • Nodes in large clusters are consistently coloured until you refresh the page

6 July
  • Spark Update
    • Release spark 2.1.1 with Scala 2.11
    • Updated Spark-jobserver 2.0.0 with Spark 2.1.1
    • Release a new image for Zeppelin 0.7.1 with Scala 2.11 and Spark 2.1.1

4 July
  • Added AWS Availability Zone Support
    • Customers can now provision Clusters across three racks (availability zones) in the Frankfurt (eu-central-1) and São Paulo (sa-east-1) regions.

June 2017

19 June
  • Automated Repair improvements
    • Improved handling of long running repairs
    • Improved handling of potential repair failure cases
    • Fixed an issue causing too many concurrent repairs

15 June
  • Elassandra/Kibana – Beta Release
    • Elassandra and Kibana are now available as options for automatic provisioning through the Instaclustr management console (currently offered as a beta release without SLAs).

May 2017

25 May
  • Cluster Data Centre Resize Support
    • Adds the facility to vertically scale an entire data centre by adjusting the number of CPU cores and Memory quota allocated to each node.

19 May
  • EU (London) Region Support on AWS
    • Customers can now provision clusters using the AWS EU_WEST_2 (London) region either in Instaclustr’s AWS account or their own account.

8 May
  • Console Update
    • Console/dashboard now indicates when Cassandra fails to report some metrics.

4 May
  • Console Update
    • Added spark Cassandra connector support to console
    • Fixed problem with CSS of Spark UI

3 May
  • Console Update
    • Corrected reported CPU instance details for AWS T2.Mediums

1 May
  • Console Update
    • Enforce restrictions on weak passwords

April 2017

24 April
  • Metrics collection
    • Improvements to make metric collection more resilient to Cassandra exceptions

18 April
  • AWS EBS Optimisation
    • Fix bug that caused some AWS instances to be not EBS-Optimized.

11 April
  • Spark Update
    • Release spark 2.0.2 with Scala 2.11
    • updated Spark-jobserver 2.0.0 with Scala 2.11
  • Zeppelin Update
    • Release zeppelin 0.7.1 with scala 2.11
  • Console Improvements
    • Updated Spark-Cassandra connector (Spark 2.0.2 for Scala 2.11)

7 April
  • GCP Offering
    • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) no longer in beta

6 April
  • Console Update
    • Corrected role description for cluster_admin role

March 2017

30 March
  • Support new Cassandra version
    • Added support for the new Instaclustr Cassandra LTS release 3.7 (v3)

14 March
  • Enable free trial on GCP
    • n1-standard-1 is now available for a 14 day free trial with Google Cloud Platform.

February 2017

21 February
  • Support new Cassandra versions
    • Added support for Cassandra 3.0.10 and Cassandra 3.10.

15 February
  • Support new instance type on AWS: R4 XLarge
    • Added support for R4 XLarge node size
    • Added 2 configurations: himem bulk (R4 with 2000G disk space) and himem balanced (R4 with 1200G disk space)

9 February
  • Zeppelin Update
    • released version 0.6.2 of Zeppelin
  • Azure Improvement
    • reduced memory footprint of backup process

2 February
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed DAG Visualization display on Spark console

January 2017

11 January
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed 30-day graph navigation
    • Cassandra Lucene plugin pricing change
    • Improved custom AWS tag application

9 January
  • New region support for AWS and Azure
    • US East (Ohio) and Asia Pacific (Mumbai) for AWS
    • Australia East (NSW) and Australia South East (Victoria) for Azure

4 January
  • Console Improvements
    • Added CSRF token check to logout path
  • Monitoring API
    • Added unit field to each metric

December 2016

28 December
  • Console Improvements
    • Added reCaptcha challenge on password reset requests

22 December
  • Cassandra Lucene Index
    • Added support for Cassandra Lucene Index Plugin as a preview release.
  • Azure Improvements
    • Fixed some issues related to provision in existing resource groups.
  • AWS RIYOA Tagging
    • Add ability to add custom tags for RIYOA instances

15 December
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed Spark UI issues when using Jobserver

13 December
  • Azure Improvements and Monitoring API enhancements
    • Enabled provisioning in existing Azure resource groups
    • Removed Azure classic provisioner
    • Added Cassandra data centre name of each nodes into the returning monitoring information.

November 2016

30 November
  • Support for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) – Beta
    • Added support for GCP. Customers are now able to provision Cassandra & Spark clusters on GCP either in Instaclustr’s or their own account. For more details, please see this blog post.

22 November
  • Run in your own account security improvements
    • Changes to standard run in your own account cross-account trust configurations for improved security

21 November
  • Cassandra version update
    • Apache Cassandra ver. 3.7 (patched v2) and Datastax Enterprise 5.0.3, 5.0.4 added to provisioning options

14 November
  • Console improvements
    • Apache Cassandra ver. 3.7 (patched v2) and Datastax Enterprise 5.0.3, 5.0.4 added to provisioning options
    • Changed date format from dd/MM/yyyy to MMM d, YYYY

3 November
  • Console improvements
    • Removed availability of Datastax Enterprise as a distribution option. Please contact [email protected] for DSE Support
    • Added a missing CSRF check to API key management form

2 November
  • Console/API and Provisioning infrastructure improvements
    • Changes to Instaclustr management architecture for improved security and reliability

October 2016

26 October
  • Console Improvements
    • Added previous/next period controls to graphs

25 October
  • Two-Factor Authentication
    • 2FA authentication added as an optional feature for all Console users.
  • Console Improvements
    • Fixed a graphing bug that displayed an error page immediately after a cluster has been provisioned.

18 October
  • Cassandra version update
    • Apache Cassandra ver. 3.9, 3.7 (patched), 3.0.9, 2.2.8 and 2.1.16 added to provisioning options
  • Console Improvements
    • SLA Latency metrics re-named to Synthetic Transactions
    • Reduced pressure on browser memory
    • Graph refresh is now much less annoying

6 October
  • Synthetic Transaction metrics
    • Synthetic transaction read and write latencies are available from dashboard and api.

September 2016

29 September
  • Console & Provisioning API Improvements
    • General minor improvements to the UI.
    • Provisioning API cluster info now exposes network and use private address broadcasting.

28 September
  • Zeppelin Update
    • released version 0.6.1 of Zeppelin with Spark Cassandra Connector 1.6.2

23 September
  • Console Improvements
    • Rack allocation displayed in cluster creation, and data centre and node addition forms.
    • Cluster details page now displays if Private Node Discovery is enabled or disabled.
  • Added third rack to AWS Sydney region
    • Clusters in AWS Asia Pacific (Sydney) now support 3 racks (availability zones).

22 September
  • OS Load now available through console and API monitoring
    • OS Load metric is now available in console monitoring view and through our monitoring API.
  • Add node process improvements
    • Automated setting of some configurations when adding nodes and data centres to a cluster to reduce manual intervention required.
  • Changes to provisioning statuses
    • Node now moves to “provisioned” as soon as AWS instance makes contact with our system. “Joining” state added for nodes where Cassandra is running but in joining state. (Billing commences on joining or running state.)

21 September

8 September

2 September

1 September
  • Monitoring Graph Improvements
    • ability to disable auto refresh
    • graphs in a fixed order
    • sort keyspace and table names alphabetically
  • Make 3.7 default C* version for new clusters and remove 2.2.x from available versions for new clusters

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