Troubleshooting your Kafka connectors

If you are encountering problems in running your connectors on the Instaclustr managed service, consider using some of these troubleshooting techniques:

Monitoring and the REST API

Use the Monitoring section of the instaclustr console to check metrics related to the operation of your Kafka Connect cluster. The available console metrics are described in the Kafka Connect monitoring. information section.

A more complete set of metrics is available through the monitoring API

Additionally you can use the Kafka Connect REST API to manage your connectors. For example, to check the list of active connectors:

curl https://<WORKER IP>:8083/connectors -k -u <YOUR_USERNAME>:<YOUR_PASSWORD>

Or to check a connectors status:

curl https://<WORKER IP>:8083/connectors/<NAME_OF_CONNECTOR>/status -k -u <YOUR_USERNAME>:<YOUR_PASSWORD>

Or to restart a connector:

curl -X POST https://<WORKER IP>:8083/connectors/<NAME_OF_CONNECTOR>/restart -k -u <YOUR_USERNAME>:<YOUR_PASSWORD>

Kafka Connect Logs

The logs from your running Kafka Connect cluster can be optionally shipped to your Kafka cluster (If using an Instaclustr managed Kafka cluster). You can turn this option on in the Connectors page of the Kafka Connect section of the Instaclustr console. Simply select the checkbox, then press the Save button. 

Now you can access the connector log with your Kafka consumers.


You can also contact the Instaclustr technical team for support at [email protected]

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