Instaclustr Application Logs

Instaclustr is a managed service, and have the technical experts in all our technologies to assist you with any application issue or investigation. Generally, our customers will not need to view or access their application logs, and recommend that you reach out to our support team for any investigation into your applications.

However, there are use cases where our customers would like to have access to their application logs. Also, depending on the application, and customer use case it can be useful or a requirement for customers to have storage of their application logs. Instaclustr supports three mechanisms for viewing, storing, or processing your application logs depending on the use case.

Viewing Application logs on the console

For customers who only want to occasionally view application logs Instaclustr also supports viewing your last 500 application log lines on the console. This can be useful for applications like PostgreSQL which will only propagate some user errors through the application logs. A walkthrough on how to do this can be found in our Viewing Application Logs Support Page.

Storing Application logs in S3

For customers with clusters running on AWS wanting to store their application logs long term for compliance reasons, Instaclustr can ship your application logs directly to your nominated S3 bucket. Find out more information in our Support Page.

Sending applications to Apache Kafka

For customers who which to perform additional processing, or require more flexible storage of application logs, Instaclustr can ship your application logs to a Instaclustr managed Kafka cluster. There is more information about this feature in our Support Page

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