Enable 2-Factor Authentication on your Instaclustr Account

Two-factor authentication uses both your password (something you know) and a one-time password generated by an app on your smart-phone (something that you possess) to secure your Instaclustr account.

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Before you start, you will need an OTP password app. We suggest one of the following:

Suggested Apps
App Store
Google Play Store
Windows 10 Mobile
Windows Store
OTP Auth ¹ ² ³
Roland Moers
Google Authenticator
Google, Inc.
Microsoft Corporation
Google Authenticator ¹ ²
Google, Inc.
FreeOTP Authenticator
Red Hat, Inc.
Tofu Authenticator ¹ ²
Calle Erlandsson
Sophos Authenticator ¹ ²
Sophos GmbH
Sophos Authenticator
Sophos GmbH
Search for “TOTP” on the App Store for more apps.

¹ Compatible with iPhone & iPod Touch.

² Compatible with iPad.

³ Offers Apple Watch app.

Search for “TOTP” on Google Play for more apps.

For Android devices not utilizing Google Play services, search for “TOTP” on the device manufactures’ store.

Search for “TOTP” on the Windows Store for more apps.

Steps to Enable:

  1. Log onto the Console and click the My Profile tab from the user icon’s drop down menu

    Screenshot showing location of my profile

  2. Navigate to the MFA tab, scan the QR code with your favourite TOTP app, enter the generated code and click on the Confirm button to verify your code

    Screenshot showing the MFA Enrolment Screen

  3. If your TOTP application is unable to scan QR codes, you may alternatively expand the Show secret for manual entry section to manually register the Secret Key and the OTP URI.

    Screenshot showing MFA secret location

  4. If 2FA is successfully enabled on your account, the following success page will appear

    Screenshot confirming MFA was enabled

Logging in

Once 2FA is enabled on your account, you will be prompted to enter the code generated by your OTP app after providing your password

Screenshot showing TOPT Entry on login
You may also check the option “Do not challenge me on this device for the next 7 days” which will skip the prompt for 2-Factor Authentication on your current device for the next 7 days.


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